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  • Jul 30

    This is the place where nurses are supposed to come and get support, not be judged....especially when it is obvious that a nurse is as burned out as you are....I have worked in a hospital, LTC, and other areas and I can tell you that I have heard other nurses say worse. You are crying out for help and your rant is painful to read, but please know many of us nurses have felt the same way. Please re-examine if you still want to remain a nurse and if not, for yourself and your patients, find another career.

  • Jul 14

    Some things I strive to live by; respect all people, try to limit your judgement of people, when something comes out of your mouth, what purpose does it serve? does it serve to uplift a person or belittle them? when I use to hear other nurses making snide comments, even if not to my face, I would personalize it and feel older and wiser, I let in go in one ear and out the other(as my dear departed mother would say;-)and if someone has a real problem with me, they can to come to me, other than that oh well. I can't control what people say or do. I can only try to spread some love and kindness through what I say and my actions. Everyday I really do try and become a better person, if even to smile at another fellow human being!