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By Gold_SJ

Full time Paeds Nurse with a love for writing, games and cartooning in free time. ^.^

The following are articles I have written and shared with the nursing community. If you enjoy an article please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

A Death’s Memory

Mm a new day, the young woman thought. A small quirk to her mouth as she jogged up the stairs. Today was her first shift of seven: three earlys, a late, then two night shifts. Not tooo bad for a roster, but you know she did always prefer the nights, the pay was so much better. If fact Sam was in the middle of her postgraduate at Bunderburg hospital’s children ward. Her confidence now after eight months had greatly expanded and she had grown quite comfortable with her co-workers, as unique as... Read More →

The Blend of Grey

The Blend of Grey…. How many times do we as nurses find ourselves teetering on the edge of wrong and right? How do we find that perfect balance of in-between, the shade of grey between moral and immoral, ethical or unethical in our practice? Nursing is an occupation where we must battle against our own human nature day after day. For some of us it’s quite life changing, we learn to anticipate another’s needs, the boisterous learn to be silent, the shy to advocate. We are told to push away... Read More →

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