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    I am a student nurse and have been doing my clinical on a CC unit.
    The nurses all eat when they can and never leave the unit for their 30 minute break (even though they are not paid for that "break").
    If someone does leave the unit to get food, they come right back up and sit in an area where they can see the monitors.
    The problem is that other people (pt's families, drs, pharmacists etc) can see them and often interrupt their lunch.

    It is really the culture of the place, i think, that makes these nurses not want to leave the unit for lunch.
    There is also nothing in place to ensure the nurses actually get a break.

    I have been researching to see if there is any evidence of systems that work to ensure nurses get a break and feel comfortable leaving the unit. I know it is possible. I have not found much research about HOW nurses get breaks, just that they are important.

    Does anyone have a good system going on their unit?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    - Breaks q 50 minutes...esp. if it's a 4 hour lecture.
    - Don't read off the slides, but please stay on task...i agree with using humor and stories to make the info stick.
    - Be clear about what is important...there is a ton of information!
    - Be open to questions and be available to your students.
    - Please be kind and humane...nursing school is stressful and students need all the support they can get.

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    Mount Vernon is a really nice area. Baltimore is very block by block with good areas and bad areas, but living in the city is great, especially when ou are young! Mount Vernon, Fells point, Canton, Hampden, Bolton Hill are all really nice. Federal Hill is nice, but kind of a college party area on the weekends. Definitely google map the location bc as I said earlier, sometimes the next block isn't great. Mount Washington may also be a good option for you; it's in the city, but closer to the suburbs. Good luck on your search!