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    In ND

    I am wondering if we should buy the NANDA-I book or just go with our care plan books? I'm having a hard time. I know what to do.. But when it comes to where to look in the care plan book I'm lost! I'm having a really hard time. I've clustered my data, etc. Also where do we find the R/T factors? I know that sounds silly. But some of the diagnosis in the care plan book have R/Ts but others don't. And i know we are suppose to go on the defining characteristics-- i guess i just don't know where to look. Any help or explanation would be greatly appreciated!


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    Thanks everyone!! I have to choose between landau or Cherokee though. :/ hopefully something fits!

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    Quote from 5thflrnrse
    Wow, I have the same problem too! Isn't that amazing?? I'm so small and tiny compared to other nurses! Whoops, sorry, I guess this is actually a nursing website and not a 'I'm so little' website! My mistake!
    I'm sorry. But that was a little rude.. No one was bragging about their size. I don't try to be "little". And yes, this is in fact a nursing website. And guess what? NURSES WEAR SCRUBS!! holy cow!! Who knew?! Sheesh. No need in being rude whenever I seriously just wanted input.

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    74% and above is passing in my program.

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    I begin nursing school tomorrow! And my kids begin preschool/daycare for the first time ever. I am a nervous wreck and beyond scared! I'll be driving an hour to and from school each day and doing day classes will be something new for me. I'm use to doing online and night classes. This means no study time during the week since I'll be picking my kids up from daycare as soon as I leave school. I usually do work/study while they nap and have quiet time.. But that has come to an end. This marks a new adventure for my family. A scary, stressful, exciting, and expensive one! I already feel like my heading is exploding with all of the info. Besides my 3 nursing classes, I'm also taking us history II and basic statistics online. They are 9 weeks long each and very fast paced. So the first 9 weeks of this semester will be very hectic and stressful for me. The good thing is, after those are done I can just focus solely on my nursing classes.

    I'm so scared of how my little guy will act tomorrow. He is very shy and is use to being with either me and his dad. I keep thinking of all of the "what ifs" and it's driven me to tears a couple of times today. His 2nd birthday is also Thursday, and I won't be home with him to celebrate it. I know it's unlikely, but I would like to be able to keep up my "super mom" routine/way of life that I have going.

    I keep telling myself this will all be okay and work out, we'll get into a routine and it will be our new norm, and that I WILL succeed in nursing school. Going to bed early and waking up early is going to be a new, hard challenge for us! *taking a deep breath now!*

    Good luck everyone

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    Quote from maidoly88

    Hi yeah at my school we have to take several of them this was the first one. Im really happy i passed with a level 3. They do not give us the book but you can find them on the ATI website for free. Wish you the best
    I couldn't find it on the website. :/
    Congrats on passing with a level 3! (even though I have no clue what that means yet! Lol I assume it's awesome though! ) thanks!

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    Thanks everyone!

    Unfortunately, we are required to purchase from a list. The only ones that I found online that weren't hideous, and came in xxs were Cherokees. Maybe the junior petite fit will be different. I'm really hoping so!

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    Quote from sharpeimom
    A local restaurant closed after almost four generations. The food was to die for! Homemade
    Italian pastas, sauces, desserts, soups, breads, sandwiches...

    I just tried what was in each of my favorite salads. No amounts, but what was in each salad.

    They'd be fantastic for lunch! They turned their unused Italian, garlic, garlic/cheese homemade
    breads into croutons.

    I just remembered! It isn't on my list, but each salad had freshly planed asiago and parmesan
    curls on top. I'm making myself hungry!

    Papa's Antipasto Salad
    sliced salami
    sliced ham
    whole ripe olives
    grape or cherry tomatoes
    pepperoni slices
    hot peppers (optional)
    hard boiled egg wedges
    swiss cheese
    provalone cheese
    green pepper slices
    Italian dressing

    Papa's Chef Salad
    2 hams
    hard boiled egg wedges
    grape or cherry tomatoes
    green pepper rings
    cuke slices

    Papa's Spinach Salad
    baby spinach leaves/stems cut out
    hard boiled egg wedges
    fresh orange sections OR mandarin oranges - seasonal
    fresh raspberries OR fresh pineapple wedges - seasonal
    pecan OR walnut halves/pref. sugared
    bacon curls
    add if fullsized meal salad:
    more spinach
    grilled chicken slices
    more bacon curls

    Papa's Taco Salad
    lots of taco meat/hot or mild
    tomato/finely diced
    3 kinds of shredded cheese
    ripe olives
    salsa/hot or mild
    sour cream
    coarsely crushed corn chips on top plus whole ones
    refried beans
    salad dressing of choice on the side
    Oh my word.. It is 11pm and I am now drooling! Thanks!! Sorry I'm just now getting back to this, I've been reading nonstop & doing my motherly duties lol. School starts Wednesday!! :| online actually started today for me. Statistics & us history II

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    I noticed on our course calendar we are required to take several of these. Were yours like this-- requiring several of them throughout the course? Did they give you the book? I'm hoping they do that!

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    I just got my basic nursing practicum 1 class syllabus and it was seriously 136 pages long!! I have such a migraine, I haven't even been able to actually look through it. I did see, while I was printing, that we are required to care for our classmates with bed bath practices, etc and bring things from home like towels, soap, brush, tooth brush, toothpaste.. There are a few more things too.

    Off the top of my head it's the nursing process, the interview, health assessment, cross-culture stuff, Glasgow coma scale, the survey, communication, PERRLA. (may be missing a letter on that. Lol).

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    Quote from Jennie.K
    That sounds like a lot of time spent organizing study material instead of studying. You may get behind if you want to do that for every chapter. Not only that, but you may try to overload on info and forget some stuff or get it confused. What class is this for? I would look at the power points and see what topics are covered. Then, if you dont understand something, read further into the subject in the book. I've always used the text book as a reference and gotten A's.

    Just try to relax a little and you will do great.
    Health assessment practicum. My book comes
    With free resources, and I noticed they have the key points from each chapter that you can print. Do you think that would be helpful? Thanks for the response

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    I was thinking that maybe as we got deeper into the semester, maybe I wouldn't have to do this. Right now, it's all about communication, history taking, the interview and so on. A lot of it seems like common sense to me, but some of it has been steps to it that I HAVE to know, Kwim? It gets tiring and it's very time consuming to do it how I have been doing. I hope I can move on from that and just start writing down only things that I need to memorize/know, etc.

    Thanks for your response

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    Okay, I know there has been numerous threads on studying but I need opinions.

    I usually do well my reading the chapters and make my own notes (this takes a while but it helps me retain the info). The teacher says to outline by the topics she has listed, the homework, and the powerpoints. So far it seems that it equals to everything in the chapter.

    So this is what I think i'm going to do: read the chapters and make notes throughout with things that I think are important, then look at the homework and powerpoints to see what I left out, add anything missing, and then make notecards summarizing the most important things to study from. I have HUGE ones, and I plan to place them on a ring of some kind, divided up into exams. I also have my binder divided up by the exam topics. Does this seem like too much or too OCD, or does it seem like a good study method? I am a little OCD, I like to be organized and neat. I just don't want to waste any valuable time. I have 5 classes and 2 little ones, with very little study time. I'm wanting to make the most of it.

    Thanks for any help/advice! & and taking the time to read and/or respond.

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    Thank you SO much!! I start next Wednesday!

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    I obviously didn't read the above posts. Sorry! (ignore me, teaching back what I learned helps me get it to really stick. My poor husband has had to listen to more about interviewing etc than he has ever wanted to know!) I thought maybe you could of possibly meant this. Good luck!