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    Hi Goofeegirl, when you say physical medicine do you mean osteopathy / manipulation / injection / pain stuff? And CAM?

    I'm very interested in that field - do you find you are not able to contribute?

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    Hi all,

    Here's my situation: Last Feb I was accepted into JHU's accelerated BS and MSN FNP program. At the time of acceptance I was seriously debating whether or not I wanted to do the NP degree or continue on with med school pre reqs and go for a DO (I love osteopathic medicine). I decided to keep going so I deferred the JHU acceptance.

    I'm still on the fence about NP or DO. My girlfriend started a DO program this summer and it kills me to watch what the demands of the program require of her, and she's only MS1 :/ Part of me is seriously thinking about the NP program I could start in May.

    I'm curious though - what is the program at JHU like? What is the first accelerated BSN portion like? What about the full-time MSN portion? Are you studying like crazy all the time or do you have a chance to live your life? What are clinical portions like - do you have 24 hours shifts or all weekends or anything like that?

    I'm deep in the mire of indecision regarding what path I want to take, but I'd love to hear perspectives.