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    Thank you for this post! It's inspiring to all of us out there who are going to be taking our exam for the second time. You were able to pass after such a long absence, which gives me confidence that I can do this! And of course, a BIG:

    CONGRATS!!! On a wonderufl accomplishment!

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    While I haven't used either myself, I haven't heard a lot of good about the Hesi books for NCLEX. A few people have used them, but Mosby's and Saunder's seem to be more widely used and recommended.

    Also whenever you're in doubt or don't get a satisfying answer here (which isn't often, everyone is SUPER helpful! ) You can always refer to amazon or other sites in which they're purchased from. I used the reviews on amazon before I discovered allnurses to purchase review books.

    Good luck in your studies!

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    CONGRATS! Just breathe and relax while waiting! You've earned a quiet night!

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    Well I've decided against even viewing the 'quick results', no need to pay to see 'fail' when I've already verified it. Right now I just need positive thinking! I hate feeling defeated. I mapped out a study plan for the next 5-6 weeks, involving content and practice questions. I feel like a wasn't completely confident in my content,:grn: but I know it's too short a time to focus on only that. So I'm touching on the important topics such as cardio, repsiratory, and endocrine. Two days a week I've dedicated entirely to priority questions and SATA questions ( my exam had SO much priority). Then I will do NLCEX practice questions throughout the week in my empty slots. The last week before my test I am going to do only practice NCLEX tests to set my mind in 'test' mode. I plan to do a toal of 1000-1500 questions a week. I also allowed myself to take Friday off to relax and renew as my library closes before I get home from work. Any other suggestions? I have La Charity, Saunders and Review's and Rationales NCLEX. Unfortunately I cannot afford Kaplan or Hurst. I also have to stop second guessing myself when I choose an answer...

    Good luck py2010 on your retest! You can do it!

    pararescue4 I'm filling out the application next week when I get paid, I will let you know how it goes. And yes we WILL get through this!

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    Yes, I understand that. Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to know my weakest areas. It does help to apply that when studying. I would never concentrate on just one or two areas for my retest as I realize the question bank they pull from is huge.

    pararescue, thanks for the info on mailed results I hope mine come as quickly.

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    Hello everyone! I have a question about quick results (tried searching first for the answer), when you fail and pay for the quick results will it give you the same breakdown of your 'weak areas' as you receive in the mail? I failed the NCLEX-RN on my first try this past Tuesday with all 265 questions , and verified it through my state BOH exam results. I am retaking the test the 1st available date after my required 45 day waiting period, so I dont want to wait however long it takes them to mail me a breakdown. So can I pay the $7.95 for this, or will it only come by mail? If it's by mail only, what's the average wait time? I'm just so nervous it'll show up 2 weeks before my next exam date! I'm starting my lockdown study mode tomorrow! I know I can do this! Just have to overcome one more obstacle....the NCLEX. (tips for how to approach studying after failing would be great too!)

    Thanks for any help!

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    Dont be discouraged. Content is a great thing to review! I wouldnt soley focus on content, but it definitely helps! I just took mine this week and failed with 265 but at least now I've seen the test and it's definitely not all application. I know I won't see the same questions, but I'm definitely going to use my experience to study for round two.

    My biggest recommendation is STUDY PRIORITY questions! It was 50% of my test! Who would you see first? Which patient's reassesment is a priority? Etc. etc. Saunders orange book (don't know the tittle sorry) has a fantastic CD! Use it to practice SATA questions!

    Good luck on your test! Most importantly, breathe! You can do it