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  • Nov 22 '16


    CONGRATULATIONS upon outstanding!! results of your preparation & efforts. (Or, exemplary, if you prefer.)

    And thank you, from (or for) all of us, for your mind-blowing super-analysis of the depth & breadth of the exam. If only all who query here would take thorough note of all you said, and apply it to their own preparations.

    Concur with all that you said, from my experience.

    English, & Math--96.7%! REALLY outstanding.

    (I assume you have had, or soon will have, many requests to set up a tutoring school for TEAS prep in your area.)

  • Apr 4 '16

    Taken at face value, your query is unanswerable: Will there be Q. about, XYZ? Y' know, we mushrooms out here are not composing your TEAS exam.

    Will there be exam content not found in (various) study guides? Probably, if only because--as you already know--the TEAS includes nongraded questions you don't know the purpose of. "Test" questions, probably, for any of several possible reasons.

    Frankly, I now expect to find, on any written or computerized qualifying exam, questions about topics I've never heard of. This was true even of the CNA exam, and the RN teaching the course said to expect the same of the NCLEX. And, I think there is no practical way to determine which exam questions are experimental.

    Earth science questions--were strongly rumored a year or so ago, but I haven't seen any. Which doesn't mean you won't have a few.

    I'm not sympathetic to folks who want, or seem to expect, to know in advance just what questions will be on an exam. Paraphrasing Steve Dutch, the most important exam of your life will: be completely unannounced, cover every topic you've ever studied, and include several questions about things you've never even heard of.