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  • Mar 28

    Some basic medical terminology would definietly benefit you.

    Other than that RELAX and enjoy your last moments of sanity. j/k. But do enjoy your time off. You will be given so much information and learn so much these next couple years.

    Best of luck!

  • Mar 4

    Quote from elkpark
    Although I realize that sounds v. counterintuitive (give a sedating medication to someone whose problem is he appears too sedated?), Ativan is the first-line treatment for catatonia. I've seen it work wonders for people. Once the catatonia is improved, the dosage can be reduced to a maintenance level (or maybe discontinued entirely).
    Yes. OP, true catatonia will be treated with ativan. I have seen it used as both one time doses that were frequently re-ordered as well as routine (TID/QID) orders. Its very effective. Always be mindful that when a patient comes to they can remember everything that is said from others around them during their catatonic state, so I always remind the other staff to keep that in mind and explain things to them in detail just as if they were responding. Even though it should go without saying to be professional at all times, well you know how that goes.

  • Jan 12

    There's a couple of things that will change your attitude.... unemployment and un paid bills! I'm being completely honest.

    Once you graduate and see what things are really like for new grads, you will start realizing that the opportunities that may be offered to you won't be like the fancy ones you did in clinicals.

    I speak from experience and with empathy. I graduated in July and will be starting my first RN job in 13 days.. in acute psych. And you know what... I'm over the moon excited!! Any experience is good experience when you need it.

    I wish you luck, it's really tough out there