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  • Oct 26 '16

    If you're able to insert IVs so well, have you considered applying for Phlebotomist positions? Seems like a job that doesn't require heavy lifting or a lot of the things nurses hate about their jobs. Also, some insurance companies hire people to go to homes to do phlebotomy and simple exams to check eligibility for life insurance.

  • Sep 19 '16

    It is extremely rare, I know, but I know a patient who got Guillain barre syndrome after the shot. If a vaccine is really necessary, I'll get it. But the flu shot? As a fairly healthy person with no family members with immunodeficiency syndromes, I'm not convinced on the benefit vs. potential risk. If my work required it, that would be another matter.

  • Sep 19 '16

    HealthyNurse, thanks for the vaccine ingredients calculator link! I looked at it, and actually at least 1 brand of single-dose flu vaccine (Novartis) has thimersol (mercury) in it. And a lot of them have formaldehyde. Flu vaccines for sure aren't going to prevent any strain of the flu that's not in that year's vaccine either. I'd rather just keep my immunity up, and stay home from work if I do get sick.