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    Quote from mzchas
    Huh??? Yes, NS is competitive, but B's aren't considered Failing. There are plenty of people who have gotten accepted into NS with less than a 4.0 GPA. Since you are in NYC, I would advise that you look into the "Region" tab and find New York Programs. You may want to keep your options open. Focus on studying hard and do the best you can. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Don't think you can't make the grade, believe that you can.

    Good luck.
    Your right B is not failing but in my school when i went to orientation the lady who is in charge said it has to be perfect A in everything! A classmate in my Bio class and I were talking about that. We are going to try our best to get straight A becuase the lady in charge said more than once that we only get one try! that if we get a B we can still make it in but the chances are limited to enter the program!
    But even if she said that i will keep trying cause thats my dream career and I will do everything possible to be a nurse. But thank you so much for your advice and I will keep try my best and if by any chance i fail the first time i will keep trying... thanks!

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    Quote from acaitan29
    well,im not really from the states to interfere with this thread..but I feel like I can relate to what you just spilled know what you should do by now?Get your A's..It's the only way that u can get both:get to enter the nsg program,and stay in your college..if you say your school requires these A's,it just means that they only cater the best students..and that only means that they have a great quality of say you got 94 average when you graduated?..that's quite smart!i think maybe then you can manage your A' know what it takes?just believe n yourself..stop being too much of a worrier..why do you worry too much about things that are yet to happen?..why not focus your energy towards the clear and present situation?concentrate on how you are going to get your precious A's..being a nurse is being confident about your own abilities..if you don't have this,then you just failed your first test..
    WOW, I really appreciate it. What a smack of reality. your right i should only worry about right now...i just started and i should take one step at a time instead of jumping ahead! thanks i really appreciate it. I should be more confident!

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    Quote from klone
    Going to college is the only way to become an RN. However, there are hundreds (probably thousands) of different RN programs. Since you're young, I would recommend doing it through a university and getting a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN), but the school you're in now is certainly not your only option.

    That said, it shouldn't be difficult to get an A in those courses if you're intelligent and motivated.
    thanks for your advice! I will stay in my 4 year school!

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    Quote from dthfytr
    You're asking us to make choices for you that only you can make. There are many nursing schools. Community colleges offer 2 year programs to be an RN (ADN). Depending on your goal, bedside nursing vs managerial, it may be better for you to go to a 4 year college and get a BSN. No matter what you choose, once you're qualified to take the license exam (NCLEX-RN) the license is the same no matter how you get the needed qualifications. All 50 states use the same exam.

    Thanks alot DTHFYTR....
    I didnt think about it but your right i am asking you guys to make a decision for me. Well i guess since i am new to all of this and young I don't know much. But i got it now. I am going to stay in my 4 year school and try my best. thanks!

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    Thank you so much "klone" and "maiday". i Know klone said that going to college is the only way to be an RN. but do you recommend me leaving my college for a Nursing Programs. Do you know any good nursing Programs.
    Cause i was also thinking to you know try my hardest in all of these classes and do my best to get an A. but if by any chance i get a B, should i then go to the nursing program!?

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    Hi everyone,
    I need alot of help and advice and i became a member to this website just for help and for my gratitude to those who will help me.

    I REALLY WANT TO BE A NURSE WITH A PASSION. For the past 2 years I have been in and out of the hospital. I was constantly in Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer center for a couple months becuase my cousin was dying of cancer. I would always go and see the nurses do their job. By the way they did a good Job in that hospital. He ended up passing away but I saw what the nurses were doing and I said "i want to do the same". Then I had in that same year a Surgery and Operation. Once again I would always go to the hospital for check ups and everything and I loved what the nurses were doing and how they did there job. by the way i was a junior in high school. i am still very young. lol. Then this year my nephew dies and i ended up going for two weeks constantly to Schneider Children's Hospital. I miss them both deeply but I discovered what i wanted to do with my life which is becoming a NURSE!
    I just graduated high school and I am in College. freshman year. Here is were i need help. By the way not to sound cocky but i graduated with honors and 94 average!! lol
    my college says that to enter the nursing program I need a A in English, philosophy, psychology and Biology 150 which i believe is Anatomy...i think! So even if i get a B it is most likely i won't enter the nursing program. I will try my best but what if i dont get that A in all those classes. Plus they said you only get one try and only one! soooo i am sooooooooooo nervous and trying to get an A but if i don't my dreams of becoming a nurse are shattered!
    So i live in NYC and i wanted to know if there was other ways of becoming a nurse besides going to college or in a different college where they don't expect a student to be 100% perfect! I was thinking about Phillip Beth Israel school of nursing but I am not sure if to leave my college for that program! I need help in making a decision can anyone help me please! I am sure this is the career i want and i wont change my mind!