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    Nurses and their titles kill me! 😂😂😂. How about we focus on making our NPs ready when they graduate? I once knew a really smart friend who had 4 PhDs never once heard him introduce himself as a doctor. I introduce myself as a "Nurse Practitioner." No need to confuse the little old ladies in the ICU😋😋😋 use that time on important patient clinical issues.

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    Quote from JUN77
    Hi all,
    I have been nurse for about 15yrs now and on my early 40s. Now I am thinking to go back to school for Post Masters -NP Program as I already have MSN. I have been working mostly as a bedside nurse in different units-med/surg/ortho/nuro/onco. I also have worked as a case manager and currently working as a medical record Utilization Review nurse. I am happy for what I am doing right now, but it doesn't pay well. I miss patient interaction, as well as I want to be competent with medical knowledge and nursing skills.
    I have been looking to different Online colleges-GCU, Maryville, and Texas A&M-CC. But not sure which is better.
    I also have dilemma on FNP or Acute care gerontology FNP.
    Please help me with valuable suggestion.
    Thank you.
    AGACNP is the way to go working with 14yrs and up in TX. Plus you can stay in specialty clinics like cardiology clinic, nephrology, Ortho or even just internal medicine clinic. Best wishes the sky is the limit 😀

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    Go with Baylor Dallas or parkland

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    Did they not have a choice to walk away to the nearest attorneys office?
    This is insane and very abusive 😡

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    The OP is kidding right?

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    All are great schools including UT.I am not familiar with WCU. keep in mind Texas Nursing schools are very competitive so try to bring up the GPA. Good luck!

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    Sounds like this was their way of coping with the pain. I'd be more concerned with managing it than what coming out of their mouth. Besides every one has different tolerance levels.

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    Undergraduate alumni, great reputation for Acute care, in-state and awesome professors great mentors, one can tell they are happy to be part of the program 😀

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    72hrs but most will allow extra shift esp in critical care

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    Galleria is a nice location but known for heavy traffic and the prices are similar to Rice Village area or upper kirby with significant reduced drive time and same amenities....
    FYI...Former galleria area resident

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    Just turn on your cellphone on record go close to him and say " oh doctor would you please repeat the whole conversation about nurses being monkeys? I just want to make sure I get an accurate description for human resources "
    That should fix him 😂😂

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    The problem with us Nurses we accept and start positions without getting a job description, hours, pay and out of norm expectations in writing. Always ask for this before you start otherwise your job description becomes a he said she said discussion!

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    Here is my therapeutic touch
    " oh sure no worries I will be more than happy to request psychiatry and chaplain consult services, am sure they will be able to guide us on any psychological treatments needed"

    😂 😂 😂 nobody bugs me after that!

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    1:1 only if they are on crrt, IABP and multiple pressors, otherwise we try to pair with a less acuity pt