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Joined Aug 29, '10 - from 'NC'. manusko is a CRNA. He has '4' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'critcal care, CRNA'. Posts: 618 (30% Liked) Likes: 328

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  • Jun 4

    I believe he stated that 72k was after taxes on his RN job.

  • May 20

    Quote from Topher53
    Thanks itrust. I appreciate your post. People are saying "google it, google it" but there's just such a wide range of numbers I don't know which one to believe. I apologize in advance if I offended anyone, it's just that the salaries are not clearly stated anywhere.
    Truthfully that is because there is wide range of pay depending on where you work. Some places are more desirable and pay less and some less desirable places pay more. Practice varies from hospital to hospital. Some people work under a W-2 and some a 1099. Two hospitals in the same city can pay drastically different amounts.

  • Apr 23

    Quote from superking
    I could not get into American school because I came to USA one year ago when I was already a medical doctor.Why you could not get into that even if you are American citizen?lol
    Some of us never were interested in medical school. Regardless I wouldn't pass insults back and forth. One person insulted you and you decided to make fun of the intelligence level of nurses as a whole. Since you are so smart I guess you don't need anymore answers from us lowly nurses.

  • Apr 19

    Correct. There's nothing wrong with the term nurse but I would never leave out the credentials of a CRNA.

    I would also also add that having a great GPA and experience is only part of the puzzle. If you don't interview well then they could care less about who you are or were. You could also get through most of your CRNA program and be removed. Some programs will remove poor performers and people with poor attitudes. Many people have been released after making it most of the way through.

  • Apr 18

    For what reason? To stand out?
    Shadow a CRNA with free time. Find out what you are getting into.

  • Dec 4 '16

    It's not hijacking. The conversation just evolved. Are you the OP? If not, then why are you angry? No one else complained.