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  • Mar 27

    It's not hijacking. The conversation just evolved. Are you the OP? If not, then why are you angry? No one else complained.

  • Nov 23 '15

    Depends on your program. My program does:
    1st semester - 1 day observation per week (with 5 classes)
    2nd semester - every other day clinical, M-F (with 4 classes)
    3rd semester - every day, M-F (with 3 classes)
    4th semester - every day, M-F unless working weekend shift (with 2 classes)
    5th-7th semester - every day, M-F, weekends and travel assignments (with 1 more class during 6th semester)

  • Oct 8 '15

    Question I was asked by each panel. What are your typical patients?

    I have heard that there are high acuity PACUs out there but they cannot compare to a high acuity ICU. PACU is generally getting stable patients and the ones that need more attention will generally go straight to ICU. Pacu may hold until a room opens. You may be happy that a couple of programs will take you but why limit your pool of schools?

  • Sep 7 '15

    Quote from SoldierNurse22

    Actually, if you gave a narc and didn't check on your patient for 2 hours, you'd be answering first for not doing a focused assessment post-medication administration as well as for not adequately performing your regular checks on that patient. VS q4 hours vs q2 hours is irrelevant--it's still possible to check a patient's vitals and have them go down literally seconds after you leave the room. You can't be there 24/7.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with taking VS beforehand. In fact, that was never indicated in my post. However, floor nursing is a busy experience. If your patient isn't symptomatic, they've been taking the narc often and don't have a hx of reactions to the drug, then VS aren't necessary.

    I have never given a narc to a patient and then had them code as a result. There's CYA, and then there's over-vigilance that doesn't help anyone.

    If pushing narcs is so risky, then PCAs should be restricted for patient safety because the nurse isn't there to monitor the patient for every dose of narcotic. And a basal rate! Don't even go there.
    I as well didnt say not to check on them for 2 hours. I was indicating that the pt was receiving meds 2 hrs since normal VS even though they may be abnormal at the time of delivery. There is common sense with everything but if the OP feels comfortable with VS documentation then by all means do so. I have seen nurses give meds and not know their pt crashed bc they were out with other PTs.