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    We had to take the corresponding ATI exam to pass any course and move into the next semester. At the end of the program, we had to pass the cumulative ATI to graduate.

    I hated it! That is, until I took the NCLEX and passed the first time - with NO review course and minimal studying!

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    You got this! Praying for you!

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    It It really wasn't that bad. I had a billion SATA, like the majority of my test were those questions! I would say to you what was said to me, just try to relax today. Get some sleep tonight, and take your time on the test. Read thoroughly! Good luck!

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    Well I got out after 75 questions. Did the Pearson Vue trick and got the good pop up! Sooo maybe that's a good sign!?!? Thank you all, relaxing the day before was definitely better than cramming.

    and now for a nap!

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    Congratulations! You are inspirational. I'm taking it the first time tomorrow, and I too have clinical anxiety problems. I have lost so much weight/have had daily migraines/literally can't sleep etc for the last couple of weeks. I am trying to tell myself that I know more than I think I do, but it's just hard when you read about how hard this test is. Anyway, CONGRATS!

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    Hey y'all! Well, the time has come for NCLEX. I take it at 0800 tomorrow. It is currently 1400 and i am trying not to stress too much today, but that's easier said than done! I studied for about two months for this, and it is high stakes for me - I will lose my job if I don't pass! Eek. Any final suggestions that I can do today? Thank you

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    Hey there! It's totally possible, you just have to have exceptional time management. I have been working a parttime night shift job and attending nursing school. Not saying that I'm not exhausted, because many times I am, but I managaed to get a 3.9 while working 11-7 shifts three times a week.

    Just remember to sleep whenever you can... even naps help, and to have a little fun in there somewhere or you'll lose your mind.

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    You will be fine! I put off Chemistry until the very last semester, and finally tackled it, and was much surprised by actually how manageable it is. My advice: don't move on to another concept until you really grab the one you are on. It builds on the thing before it, so you'll be thankful later

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    University Chemistry is ruining my life. I have a D right now, and trying to pull it on up.

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    Eagle, I do pray and pray and pray. And good luck to you, I hope you find out good news soon! Thanks for the suggestions about work, I'm pretty lucky (as of right now at least) because my job will work me as much as I want... I do plan on piling up the hours over Christmas Break and during summers.

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    Thanks for the encouraging words, everyone! I have a feeling I will be turning to allnurses for a very, very long time.

    I haven't talked to my live-in boyfriend yet about the stress I'm feeling over money, but he'll say I'm silly (he's in law school so loans... pssshhh he knows what I'm talking about).

    I wish I could live at home with my momma but there are no colleges really close to where she lives. I do want to achieve this, because I have big dreams regarding my career... so I guess I'll just suck it up and do it. Or at least try to do it.

    Thanks for the self-care suggestions. That's, unfortunately, always the first thing I put on the back burner. But now I've planned to schedule Saturday evening as a stress-free night out with friends (on the cheap though!) and go see the Razorbacks beat Auburn.

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    So I got into a BSN program to start in January... but now I'm stressed about MONEY! I hate money! How will I ever pay for this?

    I am maxing out my loans (I am getting a second degree so I have no other choice) and I still cannot pay for my living expenses AND tuition. Right now I'm finishing pre-reqs and working, but will I be able to keep working - even a little bit - while in school. Eeeeekkk totally freaking out!

    I have no idea what I'm asking, if I'm asking anything at all, just thought I'd vent. Thanks for er, listening.

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    I am available 4 out of the 7 evenings of the week and wanted 16-32 hours working those or doing a double of day and evening on Sundays. It seems around here that there are too many CNAs for the area and four of the nursing homes here have told me that they aren't hiring anyone and are in fact laying off all of their part time CNAs or making them go to full-time.

    The best I've got is some places telling me that they will keep my application for six months in case something comes up, but I'm not counting on it.

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    I am so disappointed and stressed. I just finished the CNA class three weeks ago and take the state test on Sept. 2. I have been searching far and wide for a job and either hear "we're not hiring" or "we are not interested in someone with your availability i.e. no students." I've already paid for the class and I've pre-paid for the state test so I am going to go ahead and finish it, why not? But I am getting stressed about work because I so very badly need a job. Any suggestions?

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    Quote from Elvish
    Ah, another Sufjan fan! There are so few people in this neck of the woods that have even heard of him, let alone like him.
    Love him! and this song. It's one of my all-time favorites. Glad to know I'm not listening alone!