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  • Mar 28 '14

    One question you could ask is how does your preceptor think you are doing. What are your specific weaknesses that you need to work on. What are her suggestions to improve in these areas. What are your strengths. How has she seen you grow since you've been there. If she can't think of any strengths or growth, then you need a different preceptor. It costs a lot to orient an L&D nurse and rather than waste the money already spent on you, most management is willing to make that change. You'll get there, be gentle with yourself.

  • Mar 28 '14

    My heart really goes out to you reading this .. Just be easy on yourself , you are a human being .. If the preceptor isn't going to be considerate that you are new and have feelings then you'll have to find a way to comfort yourself.. Is there someone on the floor you feel comfortable with? Even if they aren't your preceptor, it would be nice to find someone more relaxed. Just to be a friend !! I think you'll find those people over time. As far as covering your butt, just keep the nursing process in mind at all times. If you're unsure about anything at all,it's better to be a few seconds behind the ball to get that help or information you need.. (I know it's a really fast paced environment) .. but just be as calm and safe as possible.. Deep breaths in emergencies. I would focus at first on whatever you need to know for those critical cases.You are a very bright promising nurse who wants the best for your patients and nobody should let you think otherwise! If possible, change preceptors. Experience is necessary in a preceptor but you need to feel comfortable asking questions and have mental space to learn. Extreme anxiety is not a good state for learning as you know.. Maybe get a low dose prn from that psychiatrist too.. Xanax is your friend. So is exercise! Maybe give yourself time after work designated to debriefing and going over the mistakes in your mind on what you can do better.. Suppressing those worries only worsens those 3 am haunting thoughts I find ..

  • Mar 24 '14

    WHOOT Whoot!! I couldn't wait to get home to let anyone who saw my OP that I finished with time to spare. Holy WOW!! Pass or Fail... I am finally gonna say this publicly. This was my 3rd attempt!

    In the previous 2 attempts... The first time I 100% knew I ran out of time...but held on to a lot of hope that some miracle would happened and I would add to the VERY SMALL % of those who pass on the R-O-O-T rule.

    2nd time: I honestly was not sure if I finished the exam when the screen went blue or if I ran out of time.

    *Of note (bc I searched everywhere in the past)....

    ---1st attempt (100% knew I ran out of time, bc I got a lil' window pop-up that said time expired,exam ended) This pop was clear as day bc it popped up while I was working on a question. And I had to click "end" or maybe it said "ok" before my screen turned blue and then brought me to the exit survey questions.

    ---2nd attempt: I had just finished a question. Screen went blue at the exact same time the lil pop-up window appeared... I did NOT have to click anything on the lil window before I was presented with the exit survey. For the record this was AWEFUL bc I truly did not know if I ROOT or if I literally finished in the nick of time...and too be honest I still couldn't say for sure if I failed bc the computer calculated confidently that I had passed or failed at the moment.... or if once again this failed result was determined using the R-O-O-T rule...

    On today's exam, I went in there 100% prepared to use all 6 hours and all 265 questions, and TRULY I PRAYED so much for the endurance to keep my head in the game and asked God to please at least let me answer all 265 questions with at least 3 minutes to spare. I Really wanted to know that I did or did not fall into the R-O-O-T rule.

    So at question 30-34 (somewhere in there) I got a pop up for the scheduled first break. So 2 hours already gone and at least 230 questions to go. I raised my hand and took my break. (I was dancing in my chair I had to pee so bad lol)... Went on my break at some of my tuna sandwich (and saved a few bites for my next break). Drank some Gatorade and OJ and took a few bites of a CLIF bar. All the while, I was dancing (literally) trying to keep my self pumped up and determined.

    I went back to my lil' test cube and was presented with a new question... ANXIETY kicked in as I looked at that darn timer. I quickly shook it off, took my hand off of the mouse, sat back in my chair and prayed...Opened my eyes, grabbed my lil' marker and wrote "FAITH" at the top of my board, circled it, and then as I put my hand back on the mouse I thought to myself, "Alright God, we got this!

    Questions came and went, I looked at the question counter at #66, and notes I had 3hours and 20-40 mins to complete all 265 questions... felt a lil' panicked and thought to myself maybe I'll finish at 75.. but then oh my Gosh, I don't want that I don't want to finish at 75 just to be done... (In the past 2 attempts, I prayed and prayed for the darn exam to end)...Anywho, I was on question 74 and I seriously sat there with answer already selected... my mind wondered as I tried to make another option work... Admittedly, I was procrasting, I wasn't ready for question number 75... On question 75, I felt like.... Hmmmm Lol I honestly can't even tell you how I felt...I guess mainly I recalling being a lil' nervous (a lot less anxiety than that of #74)... I hit submit and Got question #76....

    God totally stepped in as at this moment, before even reading the question, I silently chuckled to myself, "Alright NCLEX you wanna challenge me with all 265 questions...BRING IT!! I looked at the answer and thought, seriously, I must be doing bad, the answer seemed so obvious...thinking to myself. "whatever, just answer the question...I will have many more questions to prove myself... Selected my answer and without any hesitation clicked submit, I did a lil bouncing in my chair.. Bring it NCLEX, Bring it!" In the midst of my bounce, the screen went straight BLUE!!! And there was no lil pop-up window!!... Thinking "What the heck are you serious, my computer glitched.... I looked back at the pearsonvue testing window (behind me), like UM can u come fix my computer.... Then the screen (still blue) said "processing or loading results"... My Hand still never lifted from the mouse, I sat there ( I don't think I was breathing, and a maybe some PVCs)... The exit survey popped up.... At this point I couldn't even read any other word than "NCLEX." and only bc it was in bold font LOL...

    As I checked out with pearsonvue, I was all bubbly and talkative.... I walked out and down the hall, (maybe 15 ft) before I stood at the top of the stairs, and then it hit me like a tidal wave. I fought the tears until I made it outside, where I sat on the bench, waiting for my boyfriend to come and pick me up. Let me tell you guys/gals... I BAWLED!! Like hard-core, body slouched over, head in my legs bawled!!! And all I could think was... " I don't think I failed." Cried harder and prayed harder... please Lord let this be true....after telling Him, repeatedly how much " I want this!" I simply prayed that he stay with me and guide me whatever the result may be...And whatever the result may be; If I failed, I know He will guide me; If I Passed I know He will guide me.

    Anywho... LOL sorry this is a long long reply but like I said I couldn't wait to get home and check AN to see & respond to anyone who prayed for me. Whatever the result, this is all for Him! I owe my life to Him!

  • Mar 24 '14

    Thank you AngelAsherah! My feeling is in and out... Mainly I am really pumped... but I then I have a moment where I become worried and find myself thinking "what-if"...

    **Side note to all who read my long ramble..sorry for all the typos. I blame the adrenaline

  • Mar 24 '14

    I wish you all the best...
    praying for got will do good...

  • Mar 24 '14

    Set aside whatever review materials you have and relax.. Watch movie or something.. Anything that will calm you down., don't attempt to cram
    on your notes, you'll just feel confuse and that's the one thing you don't wanna happen., I should say get a good sleep but it's already a common issue for us who's taking any exam to feel anxious and can't get to sleep the night after., lol.. Ultimately, have time tonight to talk to him�� and before you take your exam tomorrow morning! Best of luck and god bless!! Congrats in advance RN!'��

  • Mar 24 '14

    Go to dinner and a movie. Do Not Study. Relax. You got this!

  • Mar 24 '14

    Don't forget to take some snacks and a drink in with you. Plan to be there all 6 hours just-n-case. Good luck!

  • Mar 24 '14

    Praying helps everything!

  • Mar 24 '14

    Good luck!!! Get rest and pass that baby!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mar 24 '14

    Hey such_sweet_sorrow,
    Wishing you luck and praying for you. I am also testing later today. If you get this in time, my advice is try not to worry about losing your job...Instead, remember every question is one step closer to achieving your dream!

  • Mar 23 '14

    Quote from such_sweet_sorrow
    Congratulations! You are inspirational. I'm taking it the first time tomorrow, and I too have clinical anxiety problems. I have lost so much weight/have had daily migraines/literally can't sleep etc for the last couple of weeks. I am trying to tell myself that I know more than I think I do, but it's just hard when you read about how hard this test is. Anyway, CONGRATS!
    No worries! Like the Kaplan lady said to me, You made it through the years of nursing school. If you can do that you can definitely pass this test! My migrain lasted me 13 days and turned out to be a scalp infection caused by a lowered immune system r/t my anxiety/not eating/lack of sleep routine.

    Before you take your test, don't cram the night before. Relax, go out to eat, load up on some good food, good fun and good friends. Take your mind off the exam and focus on something else. Get lots of sleep, take a tylenol PM if you have to! But just relax and realize, you got this!

  • Mar 23 '14

    Quote from royhanosn
    TAke it into your own hands. The test was hard because you did not study well for it.
    why even comment? I'll pray for u! Have a nice day goodbye

  • Mar 23 '14

    Pray! Pray! Pray!

  • Jun 18 '12

    Wow! Highlight this. Our ED holds psych pts A LOT. With your background I'd think you would be an asset. You might even be able to get in on changing policies of care of the psychiatric pt and help ER nurses with these pts! Our hospital has just implemented the rapid response team for the psyche pts that are on medical units, the psyche nurses come. I'm a medical nurse all I know is ativan calms a pt down but likely is not the correct med for an escalation in this type of patient and I'm smart enough to understand these nurses can teach me in treatment for these specialized pts. I'm sure you also know of output services or other services that can help these clients.