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    I took the NAT today and I could only remember some parts of some of the questions and I thought I would post it here to see if anyone remembers some of their questions as well for the next attempt.

    1.) If a person is injured, do you A.) Call a doc B.) Examine the person for injuries C.) Move the person to a more comfortable spot first.

    2.) Something in the Science part that was like 222 degrees is equal to A.) 100 B.) 98.8 C.) (8.6

    3.) Person's normal body temp is? A.) 98.6 B.) 97.5 C.) 95.5

    4.) One said something in the Math part about what is longer in measurement. A. Grams B.) Kilometers C.) Meters D.) Centimenters

    Can anyone else think of anything else I can study? Let me know your thoughts

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    I think that since I did it with 4 kids and married with a husband who travels, you can but I will not lie, it was horribly hard. It was alot of time away from my family with studying with other peers and also on my own. I also stressed out over the kids homework projects and the house. If you are ok of letting go, I think that it is duable. I think it depends on the kind of student you have been so far. I know what you are saying about trying to get it all done in one shot but consider this, your grades for these classes count BIG TIME~ You have to know that if you get a lower grade even a B it can work against you. It did me and not after taking the NAT today, it was equally hard to see my work feel like I should have tried to get some A's and not B's on anything. I hope you find the answer you are looking for. Nothing worth living is easy!

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    I to am taking the test tomorrow morning at Kent and I am so nervous. I heard that you should take the HOT test first to see how it is the test for the NAT will run. I also have friends that say just get in there and take it and see how you do. I am like the previous post'r that said that she took classes and did not retain them after. I have 90 so far and that is without taking Micro. I really don't want to take the test again in three months but I am not sure if this is just a sign if I pass or not. I am having an equally hard time with the decisions I make. I would love to get into the program in the Spring but I am not sure that they would accept me while I am in the Micro program now in the fall. I really hope this teacher they talk about at Kent is not as bad as I have heard. I am not a science major or math but I am good with dosage calculations and nursing as I was a CNA before but they won't use that since I was a CNA 12 years ago. I think that sucks as I know how to address the patient when treating them. I just don't know.

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    Has anyone taken the NAT? I have to take it in order to get into school here and I am taking it in the morning and I am nervous because I have not taken any Science or Math this summer and now I am throwing myself to the lions without a plan. I have heard from so many that the NAT book was useless with the way this school does this test. See I know I was a great CNA and I love taking care of people but yet I think this test could be the end all. HELP!!!

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    Hi There,

    I to hear your dilemma and I know how you feel. I am again on Weight Watchers and I am actually watching what it is that I am eating. I may not always chart it but I try. I feel it is important to go to the actual meetings and get some online support from the site there as it is also very helpful. If you need help just shout.--Jenn