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    No lie. I even checked his driver's license. This patient's name was...MAD BOMBER! I can just imagine him being paged in a major airport. "MAD BOMBER. PLEASE REPORT TO TERMINAL 14. YOUR PLANE IS BOARDING."

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    Our facility did some restructuring pending a move to another location. Previously we had a nursing supervisor who oversaw the duties of the Medication/Behavioral Technicians and UAP's. Being unable to juggle a family, full time employment and school, she chose to give up her position and move to part-time. The lead supervisor who is a licensed addiction counselor created two head-technician positions while remaining in charge overall. Medical personnel are no longer in the chain of command, so have two questions. First of all, do I, as an RN-BSN still have the authority to delegate duties to the BT's and UAP's? Secondly, am I still responsible for medical errors they commit? Can I lose my license in the event of a catastrophic error that they commit? Any advice you can give would be appreciated.