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    Hi everyone! I'm a second career but new grad RN, and my first position is in the ED at one of the smaller hospitals in our system. I'm done with orientation and hit the floor for precepting on Monday.

    We have a Level I trauma center and Peds hospital a mile away, plus a hospital 5 miles away with the maternity center and cardiovascular institute.

    That leaves for my ED: a lot of psych patients awaiting a bed at our inpatient facility, some chest pain, some GI/flu-like stuff, lots of urgent-care referrals, etc.

    Regardless, I'm terrified. The department is in major transition (new NM and CNS, both ANM positions open, short-staffed on RNs) and I already feel like I'm going to be in the way.

    I wanted this opportunity because there were no openings in my first choice (ICU) and I felt like this could be a good boot camp for learning how to intervene quickly and perform my skills under pressure. But now I feel like I'm starting nursing school all over again, except now the stakes include patient outcomes and my license.

    Is this normal?

    Were y'all scared too?

    What should my self-talk be as I walk through the door on Monday?

    What should I keep reminding myself of as my preceptorship unfolds?