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    Whenever anyone comes around me, unbeknownst to them, they've just received a head to toe assessment!

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    Quote from Michigangirl
    I am wondering how other units handle their lunch breaks.

    I work nights, and we have extremely flexible breaks during the work shift. Most of us don't really leave the floor, just get our food and eat in the conference room. We usually have enough down time in the wee hours of the morning to equal at least an hour break (if not more)

    Some nurses do leave the floor, and they do it when they have caught up and only ask us to cover call lights. The other nurses are perfectly fine with that. Even though I don't choose to leave the floor, I am perfectly fine with those who do.

    Anyway, this new nurse just gets off orientation and is getting really upset with the rest of us because "she's not allowed to get her break." She is having trouble with time management and still can barely get all of her stuff done that is required. We are more than happy to help her get her work done, but no one is willing to do her work for her while she goes off for an hour. For example, she will ask if I can cover her, then proceed to tell me that room 1 will need his pain medication in 15 minutes, room 2 still needs a dressing change, blah, blah, blah... I would never assume to go on break when there is still a lot of stuff to do with my own patients, especially in the middle of the night when these things should have already been done. We are trying to help her with her time management, but she will not listen to suggestions as she already knows everything there is to know about nursing!

    Last night about 2 hours into her shift she asked me if she could take her break and wanted to give me report on her 5 patients. I told her I was too busy with my own 5 patients at that time and couldn't handle hers as well. She thinks I'm mean. I think if she is the only nurse on the unit that is having this problem, maybe it is a problem with her.

    What do you think?
    No, you're not being mean. I'm a new nurse and I don't take a break until I'm caught up. Non of the nurses take a break until they're caught. I'm sure that's how all units are.

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    I'm a new grad and I'm constantly told I spend too much time in my pts room. To hear that really bothers me. I just want to get to know my patients. We need more nurses like you!

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    According to this site and my personal experience, that's the good pop up and you passed!!!!!!

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    My hold just turned into the good pop up! Keep checking Katrinairene!

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    I took the NCLEX today and received the same pop up. Have you heard anything yet?

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    Has anyone experienced their NCLEX results being on hold, or know of anyone who results were on hold? If so, how long did it take, and what was the outcome?

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    Quote from katrinairene
    When I tried to reregister for the NCLEX I got a popup that said, "The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time." I took my NCLEX-RN on Saturday. Today is Monday. How long did it take others to be able to veiw a good or bad popup? The classmates I talked to said the Pearsonvue trick worked instantly for them. I had 75 questions and am really afraid I bombed it. I have been looking up the answers to questions I saw and I got so many wrong! The questions appeared to get easier at the end. I know for a fact I got at least two "easy" questions wrong. One of them was the last or second to last question. I dread having to take the exam again. I am praying I somehow passed.

    Hey Katrinairene,

    I took my NCLEX today and my results are on hold also.:-/

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    I've scheduled an appt. to meet with my instructor to see where I'm falling short. Thank you for the encouragement.

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    I'm a senior BSN student currently failing my Leadership and Management course. I'm in desperate need of help! There are no tutors in my school for this class, and I'm not allowed to drop the class because I'm failing. It's depressing to know there is a chance I will not graduate in May because of a Leadership class. Can anyone recommend any resources that may help me understand the material?

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    Why do they have to make the questions so hard on exams? I spend more time during exams trying to figure out what they are asking. Any suggestions on test taking skills?

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    Thank you for all the responses!! I'm a 2nd semester student, and was trying to prepare for lecture the following day.

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    How do you facilitate drainage of a NGT that hasn't drained in 3 hrs?