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A Place Of Safety

A Place of Safety I have worked long term care for a long time; standing joke at work is that I am just waiting for them to offer me a free room! I always kind of assumed (yes I know, never assume etc etc) that after working in this environment nurses and carers become empathic with their patients. Like most of my breed I am tired, burning out and jadedly cynical but I keep on going, why? Well here's why. Beginning of the shift, usual thing, get report in the... Read More →


Imagine You wake up slowly, open your eyes and……where am I? Four white walls, white door, brown door…….This is not my bedroom; where is the chest of drawers inherited from granny, my pictures, ornaments and the yellow wallpaper? Where am I, where are the boys, it’s light, I must find……what?! My boys where are my boys? You get out of bed, unsteady, dizzy…where am I? How do I get out…must get out, this door that door?…..Long dim corridor full of brown doors, where are the, where... Read More →

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