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    Yes, I think that's good idea.Thank you....

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    Hi everybody
    I am a foreign-educated nurse and I have got Michigan Rn license. Does anybody know that how long it will take me to get the CA RN license by endorsement? I submitted my application a month ago, but haven't got any response. I heard the overwhelming paperwork in ca board of nursing, so will it be sooner to get a temporary license? I don't have SSN, but if I provide them a ITIN, what kind of license will I get, temporary of permanent?


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    Hi, Thanks again for all the information.

    I have put aside the Tenet. Another recruiter contacted me and told me her client hospital was willing to sponsor me. The hospital(not owned by Tenet) is in LA area, not downtown. But she was reluctant to tell me more about the hospital due to their company's policy. She said her office was in the hospital and she lived in Long Beach. So I guess the hospital should be near Long Beach. She tried to persuade me to fly to LA( currently I am in New York) to witness the beauty there. She believed that I would absolutely love there. But she won't pay for the airfare, just provide free hotel. According to her,the benefits are competitive plus sign on bonus and relocation assistance. I am still thinking of it. How do you think?

    I just took the English test which is required by the Visascreen. I am waiting for the results.

    I submitted my application for CA Rn licensure by endorsement last month, but when I called the board, I was told that I need to wait for at least four months due to their overwhelming paperwork. This made me upset....

    Best wishes to all

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    Hi, Gomer

    Thank you for your informative reply. As a matter of fact, I am a foreign-educated nurse. The Midway hospital is the hopital in which my recruiter is going to place me. Because I need sponsorship, do you know the hopitals you recommended will sponsor foreign nurse with active RN license? Thank you so much!

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    I am going to have a telephone interview with midway hospital in L.A. Does anybody here know the hospital? could you be kindly give me some information about it? the pay level, the neibourhood around the hospital? the weather? along with the infor about LA? is the cost of living very high?
    Thank you in advance

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    I am new here
    I am a foreign-educated nurse, and I have got Michigan Rn license. I sent my application for RN licensure by endorsement to CA nursing board at the begining of this month, but I haven't got any response. Does anybody know usually how long it will take to get my licensure by endorsement? I also applied for a temorary license, does that mean I can only work under a RN supervision until I get my permanent license?
    I am living in New York now, and I am considering relocating to CA because the awful weather here . anybody can recommend a place in CA with beautiful weather, low cost of living along with a nice hospital?
    :imbar sorry for asking too much. any information will be greatly appreciated!