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    MB L&D is taking 10 candidates and everyone selected should know by Monday. Good luck everyone!!

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    Quote from medbro
    I am new to this forum and a little confused about NU's BSN Generic Entry program. I do not have any undergrad coursework....does this mean I need to get my Bachelor's Degree and then apply for the BSN program or is the BSN Generic program all inclusive? Does anyone know how long it takes start to finish? Also, does NU require a background check? Kaplan wouldn't accept me because of a previous DUI. Thanks and good luck to all!!

    Hi Medbro- so I briefly skimmed the posts after yours, so I think people have addressed the undergrad stuff. I concur that taking them at a CC is MUCH better financially. I do have a Bachelors, but still had to do most of the pre-reqs because I didn't take them in college. You'll have a couple additional courses to take if you don't have a bachelors, but you can still get into a cohort if you have the grades in the pre-reqs.

    The thing that stood out in your post to me that I don't believe anyone commented on is your DUI. Have you talked to anyone at National about this? If not, I'd suggest doing that. Definitely don't want to scare you, and you may have already looked into this, but I'd definitely throw out there that you should address this up front. There are at least 2 people in my cohort with DUIs and they have had to do some extra stuff to deal with that.

    This is actually something I think is really relevant to anyone thinking about applying to nursing school (or in nursing school, or even a nurse). I learned in Fundamentals that the BRN is really cracking down on this type of thing. If you are in school and get a DUI, they could stop you from even taking the NCLEX. If you're a nurse and you get one, you can lose your license permanently. I never knew that before January. Not that I used to drink and drive, but there are times I used to go to happy hour, have a beer or two, then head home feeling sober. BUT- if I'd been pulled over, maybe I would have been above the legal limit. Since learning this, I've refused to have one drop of alcohol if I'm going to be driving. For me- it's not a risk I'm willing to take. Just thought I'd throw that out to you all so you are aware of how serious the BRN takes this. Again- I had no idea.