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  • Nov 1 '16

    Quote from SmoothJams
    I don't think anyone here was suggesting this in any way. I was originally planning to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology and decided that the Psych NP path was a better choice for me for several reasons. And for the record, I currently work at a hospital, have worked in several divisions, and also volunteer in the psychiatric division.

    To be clear, just because folks are aware of the income potential or high demand for something and include that concept in their discussions doesn't mean that is the only reason they are interested in it. Also, the point of this thread was to try and solicit input from those with experience in the field, due to an awareness of the potential hazards and pitfalls. Read the first post.

    But I will agree with you that perhaps the lack of responses to these types of threads is mainly due to low numbers...and the iron fist of the Psych NP Illuminati....
    Hi Smoothjams, my post was not directed at you, except for the low responses part. In general there as been an increase of posts from people seeking information regarding the psych np and some appear to have no experience in the field and do focus on the income potential and high demand. My post was directed to those with no psych experience so they can really understand what this specialty is about before jumping into a MSN or DNP program.