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  • Jun 27 '17

    Honestly I think there isn't many responses as there aren't a ton of psych nurses out there. For those of you that are really interested in getting into psych, I would suggest working as a psych nurse first. It is not a job for everyone and can be emotionally draining as well as rewarding. I have seen many nurses without psych experience quit after one or two days when they realize it is not what they thought it would be. I went back into psych nursing in August 10' and started my psych np program in Jan 11' and it has been valuable having the actual experiences correlate with my education. For those that are direct entry students without any psych experience I would suggest working as an MHA (mental health associate) to really get a true understanding of this field. It is definitely not a specialty that should be chosen only because it is "in demand" or has high income potential.