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  • Oct 15

    Quote from Anna S, RN
    I don't understand this one- I thought that elevated TSH always indicated hypothyroid. Can someone explain this to me?

    The highest TSH I've ever seen before was 157. Pt very fatigued, low heart rate, low B/P, overweight, and so on.
    he was severely hypothyroid due to med noncompliance due to mania ...

  • Aug 20

    Do you LIKE this job? Do you find it rewarding? If so, then stay.

    if not - you almost have a year of experience. Start applying! I remember how hard this first job was for you to find, but you are no longer green. If this place makes you miserable, get out!

    Personally I would be gone in a hot second if someone from the board of ANYTHING showed up in a place like that.

  • Mar 18

    I may be too late for this but ... THAT IS WAY TOO LOW! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay under average for SoCal. New grads in community centers are starting over 90 at multiple locations in metro LA.

    I know you are a new grad and need to get hired, but man oh man I would tell this doc to stuff it and call me when she was ready to discuss a serious salary.

    You will never successfully renegotiate for lost income. Realistically you will do well to get 2-3% per year in most places unless you have an RVU structure in place. When you take the job is really your only moment to get what you want/need.

    anyhow. PM me if you want to discuss the LA market.

    Quote from CocoaLoverFNP
    I was offered a full time job at an IM clinic. I asked for $48 per hour compensation with full benefits because i thought this was reasonable for a new grad in southern CA. The average is $44-46/hr.

    On my second day of orientation, my boss told me that she is going to switch my pay to salary. She said she will offer me 75k per year. I was really shocked!

    I told her that at the hospital, although without benefits, I get paid $52 per hour. Then she said that i shouldn't expect that much because being a nurse is different from being an NP. She also has to train me and that will take time. Then i countered and said i am willing to meet her at $88k. Then she said she can only offer up to $80k. Then i said i also have to make ends meet at home so I will think about it over the weekend.

    Then she said she will call me back this weekend for a final offer.

    Any suggestion or tips on how to handle this negotiation when she calls me back? Should i walk away from a low ball offer? Or is it worth it to get that experience for a year then go? This negotiating acitvity is exhausting! ;-)

    I want to get an offer of at least 86-88k. I am better off working at the weight loss clinic at $60/hr

    Thank you!

  • Feb 26

    Personally have seen a good job market for a range of specialties. Graduated from a direct entry program and had a job 2 months prior to graduation, across the country, in one of the worst job markets in the US (California). All my classmates (30+) were hired within months of graduation as well. Never worked as an RN and this has not been a barrier to getting interviews and offers.