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    Just because a job is posted does NOT mean it exists. This has been going on since the last recession. I do not understand the benefit to the hospitals of doing this but there must be a financial incentive to them. I was a traveler RN for years and I heard the same thing over and over.

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    Same situation here. And they want me to run ads in the local newsletter introduce This, and the owner is not even in healthcare. i think it is becoming the norm for this area. I keep hearing i could get an lpn for what you do.

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    i was fired from a hospital corporation for asking for a raise. Of course, this hospital owned EVERYTHING medical in a 200 mile radius. I went traveling and they encouraged me to get my NP, which I did. Went to work in Atlanta for a small clinic and was told after a very busy Friday at the end of the day "your services are no longer needed. Grab your stuff." Went on to another clinic early this year. Told last week that unless you bring in 100 new patients to this practice, you are out. He told me to go "cold calling for patients at Starbucks."' He said he should let me go that day but because i am a single mom, he would pay me through the month. He claims people do not visit their provider much anymore because after paying taxes and premiums they have nothing left.

    My point is that you can be let go for ANY reason. Doesn't matter if you made a mistake or not. I will also emphasize that this all took place in an at will state. Employees have zero rights. i would like my own very small practice but this is a collaborative state and the overseer wants about 15k. I am ready to move.

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    Found myself in your place a few years ago. Got fired from the only hospital in my area (they own everything). I was fired for asking for a raise (really!) Anyway, it was the best thing ever. I instantly doubled my pay as I went travel nursing. It was terrifying at first but I really enjoyed the people I met. I KNEW that I was good at what I did. I also NEVER cared about administration and as soon as the gig was over, I was out. Plus, alot of hospitals asked me to resign on. I see you are in AL. I was in rural GA. Traveling made alot of sense. Then I went back to get my NP. That is another set of challenges, at best!

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    If I had not gone back to school when I did (2006) there is no way that I could pull this off today. I have a kid in college as well and its near impossible to afford today. Totally unsustainable. $ 70k way too much, imo.

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    Georgia pays about the same as TN and AL. Somewhat more in the Atlanta metro area. That said, we have a glut of NP's, so it is a difficult market here. I would leave if not for my kids.

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    i will also add that I worked as a RN 2 years post MSN-NP. This was due to difficult market conditions.

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    You could come up to Georgia. However, we have many NP's that have left our state. This is because of a necessity of having a collaborative physician (which I never see and cannot get on the phone). Also in GA, the collaborative can only manage 4 NP's. Add to the fact that travel RN's make way more than NP's in our state.

    What about working for a corporation in medical device sales?

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    Wanted to go to Duke.....started in a program for psych and had to drop out. This was due to the fact that I could not afford health insurance. Health insurance is mandatory, but I had stopped working to pursue my education. Could not afford to put health insurance premium on student loan debt especially since it was 2k plus.

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    Oh and 25k per year is approximately 12 hours per day/2 days per week.

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    Right now I work in rural GA and that is far more than I receive. In fact, my employer told me last week that I am not even worth that much! He (owner, not even a MD) told me that since reimbursements are so low my salary may be cut in half. Yea, 25k for part time. No thanks. Sadly, the PA agreed to it. Its close to her home and she wants to concentrate on family so she is cool with it. I can't make ends meet now so it would be impossible on 25k. I work another NP job that pays $45 an hour. My total earnings though is below 70k with no benefits. Remember, this is a low cost of living area that is highly saturated with retiring NP's wanting to work part time.

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    Oh, and I would never have listened to ANYONE who dared get in my way. Would not listen when I was young and will not listen now!

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    I graduated with my BSN at 48, worked a few years at a local hospital, then started traveling for 2 years to save money, came back and finished my MSN NP. I am now a practicing NP in GA and am enrolled in a PMHNP program. You do not even want to know how old I am now!!

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    I agree. I am already an Adult Nurse Practitioner. That said--I am back in school to gain a PMHNP. It will take me 2 more years. I should have just gone to med school at this point!!

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    If I had to do over--I would have had my children younger. I am a woman and am fine but their dad is old as dirt. He does not do anything with them and has had 4 heart attacks. He just lays around on the couch. He is late 50's and they are older teens. Don't do this to your kids.