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    I understand. However, I agree with the other posters. Stay with your NP title. Take time off for YOURSELF. Find something else you enjoy. Work with underserved women in an inner city location. From what you posted, could be a good fit. I am sure they would love to have you. One of my classmates worked with the HIV population in a clinic situation. I spent time on an HIV floor and it was tremendously rewarding to me. I am someone who is not really motivated by money. I NEED to feel that I am making a difference in the lives of my patients. If you are close to paying off your loans you are doing better than most and you should feel really good about that!!

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    Yes, I am staying in my current position (hopefully) for the remainder of my career. I LOVED med surg but
    am older now so went back and worked on my NP. While it is stressful, it is less physical. However, I loved
    the fast pace of the med surg floor. Although over time it did give me joint and low back pain.

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    Excellent! However, I see it happening differently. Nurses will be written up due to the fact that they cannot manage their time well. I have seen this happen.

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    And this is why I wrote on another thread that "older" nurses are leaving the bedside. We no longer can tolerate the BS.

    Happy to be out of the hospital!

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    I finished my BSN at 46 and my MSN at 50. I have been gainfully employed ever since. When I was working the RN role I could run up and down the halls just like my peers. I also worked nights. I am 56 now and have no plans to retire (3 kiddos in college!).

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    There is no way this is healthy to work rotating shifts. I worked nights for about 7 years (I also have bouts of anxiety and depression). I did well as long as the shifts were not rotating. I also became dependent on Ambien prescribed by my doctor (not good!). I finally found my place in a day shift position and it has helped my mental health immensely. I believe nights are difficult on all of this. Our circadian rhythms are become so screwed up on nights.

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    Hospital nursing and night shift are not conducive to weight loss. I was at my highest weight right after starting at a hospital with night shift work. I also developed breast cancer in that time frame. It scared me so much that I quit my night shift job. I went back to NP school and now work 3 days a week. I am almost 30 pounds down now (17 pound loss the first year). I do not know if it is quiting night shift or the cancer scare, but I feel darn good these days!

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    I really loved being a travel RN. I learned so much and met so many awesome people. I could write a book with all my stories. BUT, I am older now (56) and practicing as a NP. Most of my patients today are my age so, yes, I am enjoying my life now as well. I will also add that I was also 50 years old and in a NP brick and mortar program.

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    I just told my son who is graduating in May with his BSN to get his grounding in med surg for at least 2 years. I would tell you the same. You can always work PRN in Psych. Many more doors will open for you with a background in med surg. The exception, I believe, is if you plan to get your PMHNP. That is the only reason I would remain in Psych.

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    I do not want to hear anybody at 50 is too old to go back to school I was 50 years old and in a MSN program getting my NP degree. I am now going to be 57 this year and opened my own practice in January. So so happy to be out of the hospital arena!!!!!

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    Sweet lady, you are in the early stage of mourning. I am quite sure that you were a blessing to your mother in her time of need. Please contact a bereavement counseling service. Many churches or offices have this. Please do this ASAP. You need someone to talk to.

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    I absolutely believe this story and what transpired. This is how "customer service" friendly healthcare has become. I dropped a glove on the floor one time. Pulled a new one out, did what I needed to do and picked up the "dirty glove" and threw it away. Of course, patient complained because I dropped a glove and they thought I used it again. Called into administration and all that. This was all while the hospital was "trying to be magnet" Ugh.....glad I am no longer in such a place.

    Personally, if I stink, I hope someone tells me!!!

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    It is my hobby as well. I figure since i do not smoke or drink, this is an alright hobby to have! Right now I am focused on functional medicine. I already passed my ANP and have been practicing for 5 years now but I love the knowledge I gain.

    But I have to agree with the above poster, maybe I should just go to Hawaii!!!!

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    I would find another job stat! Our entire unit was written up and drug tested because too much Dilaudid was pulled on a shift. Too much BS. I left the hospital scene over all this mess. All they talked about were press gainey scores. When push comes to shove they will turn you in to the BON. Btw, everyone on the floor that shift tested negative for drugs. But we felt like criminals.

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    I will probably get flamed for this. Oh well. I left the hospital scene approximately 4 years ago. Within the first year I lost 20 pounds without trying! I believe my stress level declined. Plus the patient families, docs and administration were always bringing goodies in . I know it was with good intentions but it was affecting my health. Today the people I work with eat very healthy. We share recipes. Sometimes walk at lunch together. I could loose a few more pounds but I am back to feeling like myself. I wish hospitals would stop with the bad foods. My son is now a RN and he is complaining of the same!