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  • Nov 6

    Quote from BCgradnurse
    But what is learned and experienced as a bed side nurse is very often not applicable at all in a clinic or office setting.
    What about emergency room nursing as an RN? That can be very applicable to what's seen in a clinic and office.

  • Oct 7

    Sometimes benzos are the only thing that works for someone's uncontrolled anxiety. I don't like giving patients Xanax because it's fast acting and gives more of a "high" than other benzos, so I believe it is more abused.

  • Oct 5

    I just don't understand how programs can make this your job? Once you find an NP/MD willing to precept, it should be up to the school to set up an affiliation agreement and hammer out the details. How they can expect you to do everything like this is beyond me. NP schools are failing their students.

  • Oct 5

    Quote from dressagedevon
    fell in love with genetics and pursued a master's in that only to find it is completely unemployable unless you want to teach and I don't.
    If you wanted to be in healthcare you could also consider a pharmaceutical sales job especially in the gene market.

  • Sep 28

    I began nursing school in 2010 at age 46 going to school nights and weekends while working full time. Graduated top of class gpa and best in clinical. Three more classes to complete my MSN-FNP. I will be 54. You are never too old to achieve a dream

  • Sep 24

    Quote from CluelessNewbie
    Here, it seems. A quick search shows 202 full-time nursing jobs posted from one system and 489 in the other major system. Everything: inpatient, outpatient, home care, LTC, LPN, MSN only... everything. They both hire ADN's.
    There is a difference in "nursing shortage" and a "shortage of nurses willing to work in 'X' conditions for '$X' pay." Calling the latter situation a "nursing shortage" is rather dubious, to put it nicely.

    If I can't buy a nice filet mignon for $5 that doesn't mean my area is facing a critical food shortage.

  • Sep 24

    RN shortage? Where? If facilities would hire ADNs, there wouldn't be a shortage. This sounds like trying to make the most of a budget to me, which will be at the expense of the RNs already on the job.

  • Sep 13

    I'm a PCT, As I was taking a patient's blood pressure she asked me "Do you like my nurse". I was surprised by her question but knew I had to answer it professionally so I said yes I like her. The patient then replied " My nurse is very book smart and good at her job but she lackes empathy, she's cold as ice and I think she's in the wrong profession" After I left the patient's room I thought to myself that girl just hit the nail on the head with that comment. The nurse she was referring to was as cold acting to staff that weren't part of her circle of friends and although she is smart she has no social personality. It's hard to determine why your patient's feel the way they do, but it may be how you relate to them. Patient's just want know that you actually do care how about their health issues etc and not a act like a human machine just
    doing her job.

  • Aug 25

    I am 59 years old and am about one year from getting my FNP, and about 2 years from my DNP. Age should never be an issue for doing what you want to do...

  • Aug 16

    Quote from seattleite188
    It is no longer possible to practice as a new ARNP now without getting a doctorate first. I think almost every school has transitioned their model to the dnp model and don't offer master's in nurse practitioner studies. This will undoubtedly curb future arnp supply and possibly enable a higher standard of performance.
    What on earth?
    It is completely possible to practice as a new APRN without a doctorate degree.
    There are far more master's awarding NP programs than there are doctorate at this time. Not "every school" has transitioned, in fact, most have not. And with what incentive? To be in school an extra year, and typically no additional earning potential upon possession of such a degree?

    It would be nice to see a higher standard of preparation and education, but we can surely count on many, many master's prepared NP's to be exiting the pipeline now, and in the future.

  • Aug 16

    I am a new grad NP in metro Atlanta, GA area and on average, if you haven't been doing much networking in school, it is tough to find a job. And in some cases, you find one but the compensation is terrible. I feel that it is a surplus in our area. People finding it tough in school to get preceptors and jobs. I am learning that it is very valuable to know your worth as a midlevel provider and definitely know and understand your scope of practice for your state. It's a lot and its important.

  • Jul 30

    I'm a reader of people, if I believe you're being genuine & possibly just trying to get a feel for how you're doing in comparison to classmates, I'll probably tell you. If I read you as know-it-all, gloater, or someone being nosey, I'll be curt & tell you as little as possible. The type of people you've described I'd tell nothing to.

  • Jul 30

    I feel you! Good people are so hard to find these days. People with hearts like that are just not very bright on the inside. I am like you! I have not one bit of malice in my bones. I wish for everyone to succeed and if you're not my cup of tea, I don't gossip about you or roll my eyes at you or cause drama for you. so many of my classmates are like that and it is exhausting! I am exhausted with the drama. I want everyone to succeed even if I want to shake some sense into them and tell them to shut up, for the LOVE OF GOD, SHUT UP!!!! I'm tired of the attention seekers, and the ones that make you feel stupid for asking a question. I'm an LPN going for my ASN and I'm appalled by some of their behaviour. Grown women really do act like that! The oldest one in our class is 49 and she is the worse of them all!!! Now, out of 24, 8 of them are gossiping, drama filled, attention seeking, bonafide mean girls and it's toxic to other people around them. Lord have MERCY on me because I am going through it today, if you hadn't noticed! LOL.. I just want to study, go to school, learn, have an experience worth remembering and carry on with my life. I do not care to feed the birds, I just want a peaceful, respectful adult class. A good experience is too much to ask for at this point.

  • Jul 28

    This case is just an extreme example of our hope that medicine will save us from life's imperfections and from our own mortality. And even in the obviousness of the futility of it, the religious people are wringing their hands and having a gnashing of teeth over it.

    True spirituality, in my opinion, is finding inner peace in the face of adversity. I don't think it is clinging to life, through technology, at taxpayer expense, while children are wanting for a bowl of rice and other parts of the world.

  • Jul 26

    How is the pay? sucky
    Cost of living? terrible half your pay is rent.
    Job opportunities for new grads? very difficult
    Any advice? think of another location.