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  • Dec 24 '15

    Lotto buying is generally considered a safe investment . Day dreaming of a millionaire life style is unparalleled .

  • Dec 24 '15

    Quote from evolvingrn
    The practice statements are out and regardless of what state you are in, a family NP should not be working in acute care. If they are it is considered to be outside of their scope of practice and leaves them vulnerable in a liability case
    A fundamental premise of the Consensus Model is that CNP competencies are not setting-specific. Historically, the acute care CNP practiced predominantly in the hospital and theprimary care CNP practiced within a community setting. These setting boundaries oftenoverlap, however. It is inappropriate and restrictive to regulate acute and primary care CNPscope and practice based on settings. Regulation should be based on educational preparation,certification, and scope of practice.

  • May 12 '15

    It sounds like a great learning opportunity. Steep learning curve but a lot of support. Keep track of your questions, Meet with your doc as often as possible, and read. It sounds like you have a good background and now you have to put the time in. Best wishes!

  • May 10 '15

    How do you fit charting into your day if you're seeing 4-5 patients an hour? I see far fewer than that and I'm always playing catch-up.

  • May 8 '15

    When I mentioned both of these conditions the mom stated " I was told by a er doc a while back to have it ( the hydrocele ) looked at . The child is 3 and hasn't been seen since he was 9 months old. I think there's more here than the mom being angry about me being a NP. The whole thing is strange.

  • May 8 '15

    Parents brought their children in today for a school physical and after the exam was completed and I had referred one for a hydrocele and estropia, expressed their displeasure at not seeing a MD INSTEAD of a glorified nurse. The mom began to rant why the "f" are we seeing you instead of the MD ( who is on vacation) . She questioned my qualifications , I explained to her what my qualifications were and that if there were any questions as to the diagnosis that I would consult . When she made the appointment she was made aware that she was seeing a NP . The mom continued to rant at that point I stated , " if you don't feel I'm qualified to examine and refer your child to a specialist , then obviously I'm not qualified too sign off on his school form, would you like to reschedule the appointment for when the pediatrician is available in three weeks . ( the child was already getting to be refused back in school with out a physical ). Rant over

  • Nov 16 '14

    Quote from ohmeowzer RN
    we had to send a pt to the ICU today because the nurses who gave and witnessed the blood for him didn't check correctly. made me sick to my stomach ,,, never in my day have i seen a pt's safety above being in a hurry ... they had to turn themselves into the board and lost their jobs .. they are waiting to hear from the board if they will be investigated or not .. the pt is still in ICU ... will he ever be able to receive a blood transfusion without antibody problems ?what are the pt's long term effects from receiving a unit of the wrong blood? how do they reverse the wrong blood in a pt's system? dialysis? thank you in advance
    Wow, that was a pretty fast investigation and firing---all of this happened in one day. On a weekend? I think there HAS to be more to the story, blood products administrations passes up/down a VERY long chain of personnel before it is actually hung by an RN. I hope OP comes back with more details because I just can't believe that TWO nurses at the end of the process effed up and were fired practically on the spot

  • Nov 16 '14

    Nurses make mistakes because we're human.
    Situations like this make my heart hurt for the patient AND the nurses.

    It doesn't make me "sick to my stomach". I won't condemn a nurse who makes such a mistake. They'll be paying for that mistake for the rest of their lives.

  • Nov 16 '14

    Whenever I sign a swap shift sheet, I make a copy of the original. So if someone alters or loses anything, I have my copy for evidence

  • Nov 16 '14

    Maybe contact HR as she forged your signature. It seems as though this should be taken up higher. You could file a complaint with HR and at least it would be documented.


    Good Luck

  • Nov 10 '14

    #Dshowers great tips for job interviews..the problem though is this thread is not about resume presentations and interview etiquette. As I would like to say colloquially "she ain't getting no jobs" to even make it to an interview to utilize your nicely laid out interview pointers. Your tips are great for some one who is having job offers left and right and having interview problems. Another thing we forget when we come to this forum is that this is a national forum and we tend to give advise base on where we live without taking other variables into consideration such as geographical locations , specialties, rural areas, PA dense areas among others. Let's not be quick to come out and assume our colleagues are doing something wrong that's why they are not getting jobs. Every situation is different, here in the Houston area acute care jobs are more available in the metro area than places like East Texas or West Texas. And almost every ad is asking for bilingual NPs, am originally from a tiny little town in South Carolina and don't speak a lick of Spanish or Arabic . So let's be a bit sensitive and considerate when responding to others on this forum..JABS not cool

  • Nov 9 '14

    I'm beyond thrilled, relieved, and just plain EXCITED. I graduate in December and I've already been offered a new grad RN position! One interview = one job offer. I still can't believe it! Emergency Department, here I come!

  • Nov 9 '14

    But there ARE plenty of times when it is actual bullying. Even if the aggressor would like to call it constructive criticism...

  • Nov 9 '14

    Bullying is not the bully's problem but the victims? Wow.

  • Nov 9 '14

    No flames here, but as a new nurse I have no intention of being abused for the rest of my career. It is important for nurses to stop allowing ourselves to be bullied by the system. This thought process is what has allowed nurses to be mowed over by big business, and silenced our voices as professional. I am not a child, a work horse, or a martyr. I am a nurse who demands respect. If you want to be used by a corporation and keep your complaints to yourself, go ahead. The only thing that will help nurses come together and make changes to a broken system, however, is the act of speaking our minds and not bowing our heads to people who have shown that healthcare can turn you into a monster if you allow it.