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  • Sep 18

    If your friend wants to be a nurse, she better forget about her dreams of having acrylic nails. Does she understand why the CDC doesn't want nails to be longer than a certain length. Deadly Medicine - Kids & Family Life, Medical Conditions, Coping and Overcoming Illness : That's the link about the nurse who accidentally killed babies with the pseudomonas infection underneath her artificial nails...Your friend should care more about patient safety than her nails. If they're that important to her, then she definitely doesn't want a job in healthcare period.

  • Jul 10

    This patient is gonna die. Good luck.

  • Mar 14

    If you're already a nurse, I suggest you work per-diem somewhere or even better for a staffing agency. Most staffing agencies require you to work once every 90 days while a lot of per-diem placed require 3-4x/month. However, they also require at least one year of experience. If you're not a nurse yet and just want to use nursing to "fall back on" as you say...I honestly suggest you don't become a nurse. It's really easy to get burned out in this profession, particularly for those who didn't really want to be nurses and just wanted financial stability. My advice is to follow your dream...and if your dream isn't nursing...don't do yourself (or patients) a disservice b/c you'll only regret it in the end. Good luck.

  • Jan 25

    Love the astronaut thing...hilarious. People definitely throw around the term nurse too lightly. You hear secretaries calling themselves nurses b/c they work at a hospital or MD feel like saying ok nurse come assess this patient and perform CPR on the one who's crashing nurse just to see the looks on their faces...better yet have them explain everything that's going on to patient families. It should be against the law to call yourself a nurse if you're not a licensed nurse.