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  • Aug 23 '12

    I'd introduce you, but she's with the doctor right now.

  • Aug 23 '12

    And here is our state of the art Empathy Training classroom....

  • Sep 30 '10

    Quote from 9livesRN
    here is mine:

    Working full time about 48 hours per week, I graduated nursing school with a 3.8 GPA, High Honors, President's list, Dean's list, Leadership distiction, and passed the Nclex first time with 75 questions, in 1 hour I was done!!!

    Lotsa will power to get there, lots of tears, lots of jitters (from the caffeine), Great support by my dad, uncle, God and an Angel (a live one!!! they exist!) made it possible for me to achieve this all.

    If I had to go through it all again... I would in a heart beat!!!

    Strive for your best, be prepared for the worse... In life we have to be "walking metamorphosis " changing and getting adapted to whatever is thrown on our way!

    I want to be like you when I grow up, I see there's no excuse for anyone to not strive and go above & beyond in Nursing school! I passed my 1st pharm test last week with an 85!...I was upset at first as this is barely a B in my program, but i realized its the first exam & I need to show so pride in my work...Thanks for this thread!

  • Sep 30 '10

    Quote from RhodyGirl-SN
    Since I don't ever acknowledge my accomplishments to my friends or family...let me just take a minute to say something here
    I am the same way--I don't want to come off like a big jerk, so I keep my accomplishments to myself. However....since there is a whole thread dedicated to this topic, I do believe I will take this opportunity to "toot my own horn".

    I have taken a full-time course load and summer school each summer for the past two years, had my husband gone for a deployment while I was left to take care of the kiddos (4 and 7 year olds), and I have a 3.98 GPA thus far--all A's and 1 A-. I graduate in May and I hope to maintain my grades going into my final 3 classes. Oh, and as a side note, an A at my school is a 96% or above, which is darn hard to accomplish, let me tell ya!

    There. I feel better now.