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  • May 2 '17

    I am currently an NEIT nursing student and I am astounded at the negativity on these boards!! I am VERY proud of this program and of everyone in it. Yes, it costs more and though I obviously wish it were less expensive I feel I have received an extremely thorough education. We have access to amazing resources, our professors mentor us with every chance they get, and everything about this program is done so that we can succeed. I have busted my butt in this program and will be graduating in March after 21 months of intense schooling and I refuse to be judged due to those who enrolled and are no longer in the program. Yes, we lose some students- but no more than the overall average from any nursing program. It seems more due to our smaller class size in the beginning of the program, but the percentage is average. Nursing school is hard because it is supposed to be hard and no one expects to "get through", if you do expect that go back to your job at Burger King and move on.
    All I'm saying is that I have loved my time at NEIT and I am forever proud to be instrumental in fine tuning this program. It is easy to go online and whine about how unfair or hard something may be, it is an even harder thing to look at the bigger picture and realize that everything is done so for a reason.
    The problem with any program isn't necessarily the program or instructors but the students that refuse to admit that it might be them..
    I wish nothing but the best to all future nurses out there because we all get into this field to do good for others and care for the sick, it flat out sucks how much negative bull we have to wade through to get there. Everyone needs to be less miserable and judgemental of everyone else and focus more on what we all want to be.. Compassionate caregivers.