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  • Dec 18 '17
  • Nov 11 '12

    "6. When it's REALLY bad, get your whole paycheck from the bank in CASH, in 10 dollar bills, spread it out on the bed, look at it and remind yourself "I am getting paid for this, more than a lot of people make maybe, they WANT me here, look at this money they paid me!"

    I prefer to get it all in $1 dollar bills and make it rain!

  • Jun 29 '12

    YAY! Congrats!

    I took NCLEX this morning and I got the good pop up too! Never underestimate the power of prayer

  • Jun 28 '12

    My test is at 2:00pm! I didn't have money for Kaplan so all I did was read Saunders cover-to-cover. I didn't do as many questions as other people did which is worrying me right now. Best of luck to you tomorrow!! I hope we both pass with flying colors =)

  • Jun 25 '12

    Quote from MissHaleyDawn
    Thank you! Good luck to you as well! I go between thinking "I can do this, I'm just swinging by to pick up my license," to "Oh my God, what I am doing? Did I even learn anything in nursing school? What the heck is a spleen!?" LOL :spin:
    OMG, get out of my head!!! This is the exact rollercoaster of anxiety and confidence occupying my thoughts!! lol...good luck to us all!!

  • May 12 '11

    Oh geez the things I could say.

  • Jul 13 '10

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