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  • Jan 7 '14

    I keep reading posts of nurses unable to find jobs. I"ve been an RN for 18 years and I don't think in all my 18 years, I have ever been on a unit that is adequately staffed. I don't believe the problem is oversaturation of nurses. I believe the problem lies in administrations that don't want to shell out the money to properly staff their facilities. For every new nurse out there that is complaining that he/she can't find a job, there are 3 working nurses complaining of understaffing and ridiculous work loads. The poor economy is also partially to blame. We accept poor working conditions because we are afraid to be out of work. We set the bar low and then complain in the coffee break room. (Ha! that was funny. Has anyone ever even seen their break room?) Does anyone out there feel the same? Does anyone buy the "oversaturation of nurses"? I don't believe it. I believe as a profession, we need to set the bar higher, make our voices heard and demand better and safer staffing. Lord knows, there are enough of us out there.

  • Dec 29 '13

    Of COURSE you shouldn't have the additional duty of phlebotomy.
    A cost cutting measure by the facility that makes them money and loads more on the backs of nurses.

    I find many comments regarding: keeping my skills up, labs are the nurses's responsibility.. ad nauseum.. have been made by failry new nurses who have been brainwashed to accept the HUGE time consuming chore of drawing their own labs. Let's do the EKG's, the respiratory treatments.... baths , beds, feeding ,ambulation now that's primary care!

    Great for the PRIMARY goal of the administration..... profits.

    Now when your patient complains of chest pain, add several blood draws to the other additional nursing interventions such patient would need.

    Been there, did that with 6 on a telemetry unit ... it was enough to put the already overworked nurses over the edge.

  • Dec 9 '13

    If I felt unsafe, I would have awakened the guards.
    I wouldn't have reported them it that were the first time I found them sleeping.
    I never get in a hurry to report anybody, without attempting to remedy the situation myself.

    I'll agree that it's unacceptable.
    Just as it would be unacceptable if I were sleeping on the job.
    In that situation, I'd hope another nurse would wake me, instead of just turning me in.

  • Dec 9 '13

    I prefer "meat curtain"