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  • Aug 24

    We have a hospital policy that sedating IV meds (e.g. ativan, dilaudid, morphine, benadryl, phenergan) must be given at least 20 minutes apart. However, you can give IV of one and PO of another together, so IV dilaudid and an Ambien or IV Ativan with PO dilaudid would be fine, for example.

  • Jul 9

    If you're both going to be APRNs and want to travel, what about the State Dept? It might not exactly be Mexico necessarily (though it could be), but the pay is good and you'd get to travel.

  • Nov 19 '16

    We had a pt the other day with non-stop nose bleeds who was at 4.X. He was almost continually getting blood products. ENT told the nurse to just stand there and hold pressure (nice- we're med/ surg, and she had 5 other pts; pretty sure that's not going to work), since IR wouldn't do the cauterization until morning, because they didn't consider it to be an emergency, and triage wouldn't move him to IMC or ICU just because he was otherwise stable. The only way to keep any blood in him was to continually replace it- that's stable?