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    oh, when i have to tell a pt that an EGD stands for "esophagastroduodenal" (if that's even right, lol) that takes a lil time to spit out, lol
    Love this one. When patients ask me about it I will try to say it for them....but usually end up with "The scope that goes down your throat" . Oh and by the way its: Esophagoduodenoscopy (I had to check.) Relysh

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    I went with Amazon. Most purchases qualify for free shipping and get to you faster then they estimate. I saved a ton of money, they came to me and all my books are brand spanking new (meaning they have codes and extras included) Good luck to you! Relysh

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    Wow! What a horrible thing. It is amazing what people can turn a blind eye too:smackingf

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    taylorxteddy- are you going to the registration page? it should have an option to choose state and city. at some point you can also choose your school if they offer the test. there is a help button on the site as well, maybe you need to ask the experts : ) good luck to you. relysh

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    Not a problem. Good Luck!

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    I believe the website is, my school had a link to it on the nursing page of their site. Hope that helps Relysh

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    I bought a pair of all white New Balance shoes to start with. They have always worked well in the past for being on my feet 12 + hours. We are not allowed shox, sketchers or crocs in my program and I can't quite afford the actual 'nursing' shoes right now.

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    I have the same quesion on my physical form. I am also not entirely comfortable with this as a requirement, but I can see some of the reasoning behind it. and really its not like they are going to have all the instructors sitting in a circle reading these forms saying "SHe takes WHAT?! or He has THAT?" But still....

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    I Love, love, love study/office supplies! Always thought I was wierd. I like to use Pilot G2 0.7 for my notes. I try not to go to stores like Staples too often, it is hard to get me back out! I can look for hours...well, at least 30 minutes. lol. They make me happy too.

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    There was a lot of hard work that went into these. Thank you for sharing! I start pharm in August and I will add these into my study aides. Good job, Relysh

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    Ack! Ihave tried to post a reply 3 times!!! I a soooo ready to get this show on the road! I have vaccs except for Hep B done, TB tests done, Uniform - check, Shoes- got today. Need next Hep B, physical/lab work, books,equipment
    (steth, bp cuff, penlight, nurse pak) and to finish CPR course. ummm, I think thats it! Remind me if I have forgotten anything! So in a word- Yes- I am ready and excited! Hey, do you need the nurse pak the first semester? probably. Does the stetthascope need to be double tubing? they didn't say....

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    Yup, Start August 22nd! Good Luck to you!

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    I took the TEAS-v at Calhoun in April and was able to see my score on the screen right after I finished. Afterward I was able to rush home and print it off. Basically instant gratification. Hope that helps! Relysh

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    Well I survived! jk
    They went over a little bit about everything. Found out when we do background check, drug test, what to bring to first day of class. What CPR class to take, that our syllabus also can double as a pillow or back rest ( it is huge and thick!!) That we can not wear long sleeves!?! and I swear I always freeze to death so that should be fun!
    What to expect during registration and some tips on how to suceed= use multiple sources, study groups, befriend the smart people! etc.... Congrats to all who are starting this year! and thanks for the welcome. I know the "new" will wearoff soon, but for now I am going to enjoy it! Can't wait to get started/Can't wait to be done!!!

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    3 hours and counting until it begins! LOL.
    I think that mine will only be about 2 hours long, but there is also a day for registration next week that is probably another 2 hours or so. Just ready for some real information on what to expect! Relysh