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  • Sep 12 '15

    Select All That Apply Q's....I am pretty bad answering those q's

  • May 23 '15

    Scary!! I can't live in a place like that!! : o

    Quote from trmr
    Ok you wanted it goes....I guess I have had some strange experiences from very young. The crazy thing is I do not believe in ghosts and I think some of those so called "psychics" are lunatics. But things have happened I have yet to explain, like these:

    1. The time when I was about 7 yrs old and left my favorite stuffed animal at my aunt's house. I was heartbroken and wanted to go back to her house to get him but my mom said no. I went to my room and sat against the wall, had my arms around my knees and laid my head down and cried my eyes out. As I was sitting there I heard out of no where this very calm sweet endearing male voice that sounded like it was in a canyon say to me "now don't cry about it". I instantly stopped crying right then and there and slowly got up and went to the window. I seen nothing but the beautiful sun shining through. There was no one there. No one in my room, no one outside my window. But I HEARD it clear as it could be. I have never heard that voice again but sometimes wish I could.

    2. When my husband and I first moved into our house we live in now. We could hear all kinds of noises....file cabinets shutting ( and there weren't any ), chairs scooting across the tile floor in the basement, toys randomly playing themselves ( musical ones ), and the piano play by itself one or two notes. We ignored all of it and it all quit.

    3. My daughter used to talk about the "friends" that lived in our basement, and she even drew a picture of them and their skeleton looking dog.

    4. My son woke up aggravated one night and told me the man at end of his bed kept telling him to wake up each time he almost fell asleep. I told it/him/them/whatever to please stop and there was no more trouble.

    5. The only one I have ever been afraid of is the one that tried to look like my husband. I thought it was him sitting on the end of the couch as I was coming down the stairs talking to him I noticed he was not responding to anything I said. I started to get ticked but just when I got close enough, he faded away. This same one climbed into my bed one night and I was so afraid. I knew it was not my husband and I thought if I made one move to let it/ him know I knew he was there i was in trouble!