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  • Dec 12 '16

    Quote from kbclary4
    I am so easily scared, I would leave and never come back. Seriously. I am actually getting uneasy being in my apt. alone and reading this stuff. I really would have to quit my job if I saw anything like that or have someone go with me everywhere I went. My husband and I were watching The Shining the other night (I had never seen it) and I made him get up and go to the bathroom with me and I wouldn't let him go anywhere unless I followed him because I didn't want to be left alone. :spin: He was so aggravated, but I really scare easily.
    Hahahahahahah!! ohhhh! you make me laugh! Right now i've been reading all these scary stories, not done yet :uhoh21: it's 9:30pm i suppose to take a bath and i am soooooooo scare that i do not know if i can go( to the bathroom) by husband is sleeping!! Should I wake him up?