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    Quote from hppygr8ful
    Also my dog is not covered on the family medical plan!

    But you can put your dog/cat/human child/emu/pig/zebra on your Walgreen's family plan for $40/year. Gabapentin 300mg 400 capsules are $396 at the vet. At Walgreen's with no insurance they are $444 but with that family plan....$28!!!

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    The only little girl white shoes that I can think of are white patent leather shoes that people buy at Easter. And they look ridiculously uncomfortable.
    Old-school style Reeboks are back on the market. They make child sizes and are mesh-free.

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    I have a Littmann Cardiology III (borrowed by a friend and never returned) & IV; a Kila pediatric and standard, and a Littmann Classic II. My hospital uses Littmann neonatal in our NICU so I have used them extensively as well. I will say that the Kila is as good as the Littmann in terms of acoustics. And Kila's customer service is great.

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    Some of them lie to the families as well as to the nurses.
    My favorite is when the nurse doesn't come in and the on-call scheduler doesn't answer her phone even though they claimed 24/7 support.

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    I'm not sure where you live but if it's a city, check into housesitting. I graduated high school 24 years ago. I have a school mate that has NEVER had place of his own. He has housesat for 24 years in San Francisco. He has a backpack and a suitcase and a PO Box. No kids, no spouse, no car, no bills except for cell phone. And he gets paid to live in nice houses.

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    Quote from Kitiger
    One parent told me that - after she changed her child's trach - the nurse said, "So THAT'S how it's done!"

    The nurse had worked there for several weeks. She (the nurse) told me she probably shouldn't have said that ...
    This doesn't surprise me at all. We had nurses that had never done a trach change on a real patient. Just watched one in school and did it on the doll in the 5-hour vent class at the agency.

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    Quote from Crystal-Wings
    How do people like that get approved for care to begin with???
    I have often wondered the same thing. Some of our nurses would be like "my other case is just a g-tube or just seizure precautions and they have 24/7 nursing" and I'd be confused because my kid was trach/vent/g-tube/actual seizures/medically complex and we fought for every hour we got.

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    Are you in the United States? If so, you need to take the NCLEX and you might want to check here and even see if you are eligible.

    Also, if you are seriously planning to leave your criminal history off the application to the board of nursing, you should read some of the threads here first and realize that you won't ever get your license that way.

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    The only hospital that doesn't have a set color based on job is CHKD.

    RRMC has a gorgeous new SICU and are remodeling their MICU.
    They have L&D and a Level 2 nursery.

    SCP is a very modern hospital. Their L&D is just about to open.
    They have a good cardiac unit.

    SNGH is a HUGE hospital.
    They take all high-risk L&D patients and have a Level 2 nursery.
    Their heart hospital is amazing.
    They have a burn/trauma ICU, neuro ICU, two general ICUs, vascular ICU, cardiac ICU, cardiac surgical ICU, and a step-down ventilator ICU.
    They do a lot of research.
    They are the regional Level I trauma hospital.

    Culture varies not only from hospital to hospital but unit to unit.
    I did extensive clinical rotations at these hospitals and at no time did I see a lack of availability for basic supplies, linens, etc.

    Sentara facilities are weird about weekend shift diff. If you are not assigned to weekends but pick up a weekend, you do NOT get the weekend diff.

    **Not a nurse but an RRT.

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    Being an RT is amazing but there are things to consider. There is less room for advancement. There is no equivalent of NP or APRN for RTs. RT departments generally have 1 manager, an assistant manager or two, and 2-4 clinical specialists. Nursing has managers and advanced opportunities in nearly every department. Depending on where you work, you need to know how to handle patients from delivery to geriatric. You need a solid science background. You might have 20 patients if you are on the floors (lots of walking) or 6 patients if you are in an ICU. Your acuity can range from a PRN albuterol nebulizer to a 350g baby on a jet with a critical airway and a host of medical issues.

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    Why can't you write to the city with a CC to the Board of Education, the Department of Housing (or whomever regulates apartment complexes), whatever agency is responsible for regulating street parking, and your agency and let them know that your parking situation is impacting the child's right to education. No one wants FAPE enforcers to come after them.

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    I have 11 pairs of Danskos (size 40) and 5 pairs of Sanitas (size 40). One pair of Sanitas and one pair of Danskos are a smidge tight but they are all handmade so there is some variation. In sneakers, I wear a 9.5 US.

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    Like most people said, the manager was probably concerned about both you and the potential for workplace violence.

    Last fall, a nurse at the sister hospital to my hospital, was shot and killed in the hospital by her abusive ex-boyfriend. Her co-workers knew he had been abusive but it wasn't talked about "officially" with management. After that, the entire hospital system had debriefings and many talks about domestic violence.

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    If your credit is even remotely decent, you could buy a 2000+ sq ft house in Chesapeake or Norfolk with a mortgage of around $1000/month. The children's hospital, the Navy hospital, and Riverside in Newport News pay better than the dominant chain here. If you want cutting edge ER, check out VCU in Richmond. VCU is the only Level I adult and pediatric trauma center for all of central Virginia. They were major researchers and advocates of ECPR. Their trauma and resuscitation research is top-notch.

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    Are you sure it's RN to EMT-B and not EMT-P (EMT-P would make more sense to me as pretty much anyone with common sense and a capacity to learn can be an EMT-B).

    EMS is amazing! The scope of practice is different between EMT-P and RN. EMT-P is 100% protocol driven so you need good assessment skills. Your patient has a crappy airway? You decide to intubate or perform RSI. Patient has coarse crackles and SOB? You assess their level of sickness and give Lasix, morphine, and/or CPAP.

    I can't say enough wonderful things about EMS.