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    Being an RT is amazing but there are things to consider. There is less room for advancement. There is no equivalent of NP or APRN for RTs. RT departments generally have 1 manager, an assistant manager or two, and 2-4 clinical specialists. Nursing has managers and advanced opportunities in nearly every department. Depending on where you work, you need to know how to handle patients from delivery to geriatric. You need a solid science background. You might have 20 patients if you are on the floors (lots of walking) or 6 patients if you are in an ICU. Your acuity can range from a PRN albuterol nebulizer to a 350g baby on a jet with a critical airway and a host of medical issues.

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    Why can't you write to the city with a CC to the Board of Education, the Department of Housing (or whomever regulates apartment complexes), whatever agency is responsible for regulating street parking, and your agency and let them know that your parking situation is impacting the child's right to education. No one wants FAPE enforcers to come after them.

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    I have 11 pairs of Danskos (size 40) and 5 pairs of Sanitas (size 40). One pair of Sanitas and one pair of Danskos are a smidge tight but they are all handmade so there is some variation. In sneakers, I wear a 9.5 US.

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    Like most people said, the manager was probably concerned about both you and the potential for workplace violence.

    Last fall, a nurse at the sister hospital to my hospital, was shot and killed in the hospital by her abusive ex-boyfriend. Her co-workers knew he had been abusive but it wasn't talked about "officially" with management. After that, the entire hospital system had debriefings and many talks about domestic violence.

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    If your credit is even remotely decent, you could buy a 2000+ sq ft house in Chesapeake or Norfolk with a mortgage of around $1000/month. The children's hospital, the Navy hospital, and Riverside in Newport News pay better than the dominant chain here. If you want cutting edge ER, check out VCU in Richmond. VCU is the only Level I adult and pediatric trauma center for all of central Virginia. They were major researchers and advocates of ECPR. Their trauma and resuscitation research is top-notch.

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    Are you sure it's RN to EMT-B and not EMT-P (EMT-P would make more sense to me as pretty much anyone with common sense and a capacity to learn can be an EMT-B).

    EMS is amazing! The scope of practice is different between EMT-P and RN. EMT-P is 100% protocol driven so you need good assessment skills. Your patient has a crappy airway? You decide to intubate or perform RSI. Patient has coarse crackles and SOB? You assess their level of sickness and give Lasix, morphine, and/or CPAP.

    I can't say enough wonderful things about EMS.

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    Quote from 3ringnursing
    Oh Geezus! Noooooooooooooooooooo!
    Haha, also, I feel totally ripped off as I received nary a sandwich nor drink of water in more than 30 hours of ER time getting these shots.

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    I also had to get rabies vaccines and antibiotics for a feral cat bite. There is ONE ER that does rabies vaccines out of the 12 hospitals in my area. And every shot had to be done through the ER.

    All I can say is wait til you get that bill. Immunoglobulin is EXPENSIVE. My minivan, bought new, cost less than the total of this cat bite.

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    Quote from Ocean_B
    Performed audits and inspection of the restaurant to ensure the safety of customers and employees
    Interacted with customers to ensure a possible experience and obtain feedback on ways to improve.
    Employee scheduling to ensure adequate staffing and provide quality service to customers.
    Educating the team on the vision and goals of the restaurant
    I think you meant POSITIVE, not possible.
    The employee scheduling sentence sounds awkward to me. I would switch it to be Scheduled employees....

    Also, you need to get your tenses correct. Some things you have as currently doing (educating the team and employee scheduling) and others are past tense (performed and interacted).

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    Most of the trach kids I know IRL have oxygen tanks at home in case of accidental decannulation, plugging, or major desat that requires resuscitation.

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    Quote from Rowecl
    I just got fired from a case I worked for one week. Why do parents hire nurses. Do they expect you to ****** be their kids playmate. Especially when the kid is special needs. Actually I think the mom fired me because she was jealous her son liked me more than her. Also they would micro manage me it's like get a life. And if you don't want anyone handling your kids don't ask for a nurse. I blame the agencies. They make it to easy to hire and fire nurses and the family can replace you at the drop of a hat. They should make it so it's hard for them to get another nurse.
    I have been on this forum for YEARS and this is the worst attitude that I have seen on here. This is the family's child. The family has the right to discharge a nurse from their home for almost any reason. It could be for patient care issues, not following the parent's schedule, not following agency rules, not following house rules, or having a crappy attitude. The family decides how much the nurse can and can't do and that often changes as the family feels more comfortable with that particular nurse.

    I had nurses that were minimally competent and I barely felt comfortable taking a shower and I had amazing nurses that I didn't worry about at all.

    You need to realize that whether or not the parent has had any previous health care experience, the parent is the expert on their child. Most parents don't want nursing but they NEED it so they can sleep or work or just take a poop for 5 minutes without worrying about a major desat or a heart rate bradying down or a seizure.

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    You sure can! No experience is needed to do the vast majority of the volunteer positions in hospitals. Exceptions would be pet therapy, music therapy, etc. I work in a children's hospital and you would not be able to be a NICU cuddler until you are 18 but you could do most other things!

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    That is totally unacceptable, in my parental yet experienced opinion. How can you assess your patient in a dark room?

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    If the PEEP is set to 8 and actual PEEP is only 4, then the cuff is not properly inflated. How dangerous is this? That depends on the child. PEEP improves oxygenation and prevents atelectasis. If the child has issues with oxygenation or issues with atelectasis, then you could be creating problems.

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    This is a beautiful article. More doctors should be honest with parents that there are things that are worse than death.