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  • Jul 28

    Are you kidding?

    Graduation from any college program is not a guarantee of a job, even with honors. It's never been that way and never will be. Educational institutions cannot provide you with a sure shot at a job, for good reason -- they are there to educate you and provide you with a foundation for your future, but there is no way they could ensure that all or even a high percentage of their grads get jobs. I suppose that you think that all colleges should employ a department full of people that do nothing but sit around and look for perfect jobs for you to apply for, too? I don't think so. There is no obligation there, implied or written. Your lawsuit would go nowhere.

    Job prospects for everybody are crummy right now. Why don't you ask the liberal arts grad that graduated with top honors from your school where she/he is working right now -- she/he might very well be unemployed too. Or, working at the Gap. Or, Hardees. Or, something else completely beneath his/her level of education. This is how it is.

    Please read what you wrote. I'm honestly blown away by this kind of attitude. How entitled can you get? Jeez.

  • Jan 27

    My two cents -- any experience is better than no experience.

    Some nurses that have been practicing for awhile would kill for your job. It probably won't be a great place to learn a lot of new skills, but you'll get your feet wet and have a great schedule....and who knows? Maybe you'll be there for 20 years.