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  • Jul 23 '10

    You probably shouldn't go into nursing if you sit around and think about reasons not to go into nursing.

  • May 12 '10

    It is with a heavy heart that we announce the loss of one of our most beloved members, Daytonite.

    Daytonite was instrumental in working with the nursing students here at She was always there for them as well as the seasoned nurse. Her love, however, was teaching those in a nursing program by leading and guiding them here at

    Daytonite had been ill for a while; more seriously in the past 8 months. She passed away on April 8th, 2010.

    Our sincere sympathy to the family of Daytonite. If anyone would like to place a condolence, here is the online obituary: JOYCE WAGNER Obituary: View JOYCE WAGNER's Obituary by The Plain Dealer. We think her family would be very touched reading the comments from our allnurses family.

    We join you in mourning our friend...

    Our fellow colleague...

    A nurse above all...

    A true advocate for the patient...

    A teacher who gave of her heart for all who aspired to be a nurse.

    Goodbye, Daytonite. You will be truly missed.

    With Love,

    all the staff

  • Apr 28 '10

    My dad is a cardiologist. I'm a nursing student. Medical school is harder to get into. Sorry...but it's not harder to get through, especially if you compare it to a top nursing program that's extremely rigid and competitive. My school has a nursing school and a medical school so we're pretty close with some of the med students...sometimes I feel like they have more free time. Then again, they're only 1st year and concentrating on book work while we're concentrating on book work AND patients from day 1 (quicker pace). I guess that's what makes it "hard."

    Nursing is just hard because you need to learn a lot in a short period of time, as stated above, and you need to learn how to take criticism. That's tough. Really tough. We're not always going to do things right, and in such a short period of time you have to learn to jump back up and get things right when it goes wrong...if that makes any sense. You don't really get that much time between learning something and actually applying it, especially when you have an instructor hammering you with questions in front of your patient on your 3rd week of nursing school. For me, that's the hard part. Realizing that all of this information being shoved at you will come with time and lots of hard work. You could study for days and days and still not have the critical thinking skills but you'll find as you get through school they really start to shine through.

    That's just my opinion. Don't think medical school is harder or easier... in fact, they don't really compare.

  • Apr 13 '10

    Quote from geek
    I agree that our rants and raves don't reflect nursing abilities! It's the attacking each other that personally bothers me. I felt I vented about something that really bothered me, with as you stated, a bit of exaggeration and drama. And I was attacked for having a 4.0. If I try to learn everything I possibly can about the material and as a result get an A, that doesn't mean I'm obsessed about a 4.0. This should be a SUPPORT board putting down other people's vents when they are exaggerating and being dramatic is not helpful to the support environment. I don't think people should attack someone cause they are venting just like everyone else.
    I don't think anyone has a problem with students having A's or 4.0's . From what I'm reading it's the attitude that the person thinks BECAUSE they got an A they are superior or will be super nurse...To me it doesn't matter whether you have A's, B's or C's as long as you are taking this nursing seriously and you aren't petty and mean spirited towards the students and instructors alike...We are all in this together..let's try and be positive so we can knock this thing out and be GREAT NURSES!!! Come to class (preferably on time), be considerate of others time ( quiet while lecture, tests), it's not hard to try and be a good person...Everyone needs to vent sometime...I also get tired of hearing the " You're sooo lucky you don't have kids" Luck has nothing to do with it, just because I don't have kids doesn't mean my life is perfect, I have struggles also but I try not to let it stop my goals..and still study and ask questions..