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  • Oct 2 '10

    It seems the stereotype it being perpetuated on this forum.

    I was so excited to join this forum after I became an RN. I've been a lurker for a while; I can't believe the amount of nasty comments people post on here directed towards fellow posters. Maybe it's because of the anonymity that comes with the internet, but I'm appalled at the crassness of some of the comments. It seems you can't ask a "dumb" question or share a not-so-positive experience without someone calling you unprofessional, ignorant, or worse. How can we judge a person's level of professionalism based on one action or comment? I agree some posts are uncalled for, but why do we judge the person as a whole based on a poorly thought out piece of writing?

    I am reluctant to even post this because someone will undoubtedly say something nasty. Come on people, we're all in this profession together; we should be supporting each other instead of bringing each other down. Lets break this stereotype of nurses eating their young. Play nice!

  • Jun 20 '10

    The NCLEX is a National test. Meaning, you can take it in any State in the Nation. When you take the NCLEX (and pass) you will be a licensed nurse in whatever State you sent your licensure application to.

    You could take your test in Hawaii but sent your licensure application to Maine.

    If you want to work in a State other than the one you are licensed in, you can get a license in that State as long as you meet the requirements of that State (most if not all BON's have the info on their websites)

    You do not have to retake the NCLEX in order to hold a license in a State different than the one you currently do.