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  • Aug 23 '10

    I'll see you Sept 20th! Yeah, I was surprized when the pre-nursing counselor at OSU said they thought no one got in, and that they were surprized to hear I had. I work at Good Samaritan in Corvallis (ICU) and there's one other CNA here that's going too. We're looking forward to getting started. There sure are a lot of hoops though...sheesh!

  • Jun 3 '10

    Thank you so much to everyone that shared their thoughts and opinions! I have finally come a decision and made it official today I am officially part of the OHSU fall cohort on the Portland campus. WOOOOO HOOOOO I'm so super excited to get started!! Anyway, I hope that this makes someone on the Linfield wait list very, very happy. Thanks again everyone!!

  • May 21 '10

    Just thought I would add to the celebration. I got in to PCC today too. I've officially gotten into every school I applied to!!! Wooo Hooo!! Congrats to everyone that has been accepted!! I'm so excited to start school and finally be on the road to my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse!!!

  • May 21 '10

    i got my letter-i got accepted to pcc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry i can't contain my excitement better but i had to share!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to hear who else is hearing they got in!!!!!!!! pcc class of 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!:rckn:

  • May 21 '10

    sing with me moms....

    OHHHHHH heres the mail it never fails, makes me wanna wag my tail, when it comes i wanna wail! MMMMAAAAAAIIIIIIILLLLLL!!!

    PCC - IN!!! WAHHOOO!

    My husband lives.

  • May 21 '10

    I just got a call from OHSU- accepted off the waitlist for the ABS!!!

    Just had to share with everyone ( =

    Don't give up hope just yet!

  • May 19 '10

    Dont rush into a troubled program that may not get you a job, just becuase you dont get into nursing school the FIRST TIME AROUND...

    Remember: Haste makes waste...

  • May 7 '10

    Okay I have to admit, Kurd RN, you kinda put a smile on my face for the first time today after many many many teardrops. I agree that at least there's a chance. I'm just sad that it's not for certain and I might have to wait a year! A year! before I can start nursing school! I was really hoping that I would get in. I want this so badly that it kinda hurts. But you're right. It's not that bad. I need to be more grateful. It's just hard because you kinda have your hopes up since you're on an alternate list but it's almost like you just get your hopes up and wait longer and you could get your dreams crushed all over again after some more waiting game!!! But okay I'm done complaining and will try to be happy and hope for the best. Hope you get better news tomorrow! TO everyone else who were accepted somewhere....CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS! Make the most out of your nursing school because there's a LONG line of us that would kill to be in your shoes. So make the most out of it! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL! I can only hope I will be lucky enough that things might turn to my favor here soon.

  • May 6 '10

    Quote from traveler2bee
    Yeah, to all of those that got in at Mt Hood!!!!! Its a great program, you will not be disappointed. If you have 2 or more choices of schools, I would suggest going to Mt. Hood. There is nothing better at OHSU, except cost, and if you want to continue for your BSN, you get an automatic entry into that program.
    I have heard from numerous students from BSN programs that all they did was write papers in nx school, and they never put in a foley, among many other skills. I don't know about you but I don't think writing tons of papers is going to make me a better nurse. I would rather know how to put in a foley correctly. I kinda feel like my patients would appreciate my skill iin that area as well. But thats just me.
    As evidence that different folks have different experiences I had the opportunity to go to an OCNE CC or to OHSU. I chose OHSU and I'm so happy I did. We do write papers, but we also have plenty of clinical time (I'm in my second year and have put in foley's, IV's, done blood draws, etc), in addition I'll have a two term preceptorship in senior year.

    Many of my friends went through the CC program, and it just seems that we've had far more opportunities in clinical areas outside of medsurg, and in general there was more depth to the material we learned. Our prof's are astounding as well. They are authors of textbooks used nationwide (as well as in our program), still actively practice in NP, and CNS roles, conduct research and are very skilled at passing on their knowledge.

    OHSU is expensive, and I'm sure that MHCC is a fine program, but if you have the chance to got to OHSU for the entire program....I'd recomend taking it!

  • May 6 '10

    31?!? You are a spring chicken! I won't divulge my age, but I've got some years on you! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I'd go back for another degree, but here I go! You have plenty o' time!

  • May 6 '10

    I just got my OHSU acceptance too! The problem is - I've already sent my deposit in to Walla Walla, already told my job that I'd be switching to part-time next month (Walla Walla starts in the summer), and already mentally felt set on going there. I visited the school, met some students, sat in on some classes, and felt a good vibe there. Walla Walla gave me a great financial aid package, the majority of which is grants. Most terms I'd actually wind up getting a refund! And, it's right around the corner from my house.

    But... OHSU is also an excellent school. It definitely has a more recognized and respected name. At this point in my life, I feel like I need to consider my future more than just "what feels right." If I move out of state after nursing school (which is highly likely), are employers and graduate schools more likely to accept a student from a school they've never heard of or one from one of the top schools in the country?

    So, now I'm back to trying to decide which school I should go to.

    I visited Linfield and I plan to visit OHSU next week. I highly recommend doing the same. Don't take someone else's advice about which school is right for you - go and see for yourself. I regret not sitting in on a class at Linfield; I would have gotten a more complete picture if I had. Linfield's cirriculum, strong focus on community health and holistic nursing more than technical skills, and the overall feeling I got from being there made me feel like it wasn't right for me. But that doesn't mean they're not an excellent school and that they aren't right for you. Visit both schools and insist that you sit in on some classes and then decide!

  • May 6 '10

    I'm starting a BSN program in Fall '10. The only preliminary paperwork I have left is to turn in my transcripts showing that I have completed the last of my pre-requisites. I'm so glad to be almost done! Now I just need to buy supplies and uniforms plus attend orientation in August. It is such an exciting yet nervous time for me as well as everyone on this board. I definitely cannot wait to start!

    The nursing school is offering first semester students to take pathophysiology during the summer so long as all pre-requisites have been completed with a C or better. I'm declining the offer, so I can go on vacation this summer and enjoy myself. I want to be relaxed and have a fresh mind when school starts.

    Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted! Also, good luck to those who are still pre-nursing students. Keep up the hard work and stay motivated when things get tough. You too will get into nursing school one day!

  • May 6 '10

    Since I started this thread, I thought I should give my status. In all humbleness, I was accepted and will accept as this is my only option this go around. And, it's a good one! I didn't have the math pre-req met (it had expired) so I wasn't able to apply to the community colleges.

    Hoping for the best to everyone, and if it's not this year, keep at it! As the old saying goes, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.