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A Bathroom Reminiscence

I love nursing. No, I am not one of those who find self-worth through the notion of "helping others." It's actually the opposite, as I get helped by those I nurse whether they know it or not. Their vitality, their spirit, their dedication to living, replenish my otherwise colorless inner world. So often people tell me, "Oncology! That must be so depressing!" Only if they knew... I know what depressing is. My work is anything but; fighting for one's life, enduring the agony of brutal... Read More →

I cried in the chapel for the first time...

In the past ten years of nursing, I never cried for a patient. It's not that I am cold or unfeeling. I do often get comments from patients how "nice" or "gentle" I am. While I do care greatly, I just don't get overcome with emotions at work. But a few nights ago, I ran away to our hospital chapel (during my break) and sat there, crying. I did not go there to pray -- I am not religious -- but I just needed some solitude. So what happened? The last couple weeks have been strangely... Read More →

Angels Children's (Part 3: Hanh Tran)

Announcement : It is now confirmed that the Full-Scale Exercise will take place on March 25th, at approximately 0700. All staff will be clearly designated prior to the Exercise whether they will be participating or maintain routine patient care duties. The objective is to assess and improve our effectiveness in responding to a simulated earthquake and secondary chemical contamination. Operations Managers have been assigned for each area. You may direct any questions and concerns to them as... Read More →

Angels Children's (Part 2: Little Miguel)

Announcement A Full-Scale Disaster Preparedness Exercise will take place on March 25th, 2001. Exercise areas include 5 West, 4 West, ED, and Nuclear Medicine. We appreciate your cooperation as we prepare for the event. If you have concerns or would like to volunteer, do not hesitate to call us. Exercise Planning Team, ext. 4166 "So, does that mean our unit will be emptied out for the Exercise?" Read More →

Angels Children's (Part 1)

"Professor Johnson?" The eager student broke the silence, prompting me to give her an answer. What was it that she asked? Ah yes, she wanted to know what it was about the hospital that I never left the place since getting my first nursing job there. Aspiring to be a pediatric nurse herself, the student wanted to know all about the place. Angels Children's Hospital. The largest and famous institution with proud accomplishments and cutting-edge technology. But that was not the reason I... Read More →