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    Aaomalley, Have you found anything else out about mission trips since this thread was last active? I am particularly interestd in anyone's experience with Gracepatt EcoTours. Do you know people who have gone on the medical volunteer trips with them before? Also would love to hear anyones experience with or knowledge of the other organizations you have researched.


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    I also currently live in Astoria. However, I am probably going to move because I don't want to commute. But Queens is MUCH cheaper in all ways than Manhattan. At least based on my time living in Midtown. Although, I think nowadays rents for shared apartments probably start around $700-800 unless you are lucky. Groceries are noticeably less here, although they might be cheaper in Upper Manhattan as well. In general rents in Washington Heights on craigslist look comperable to a touch more than Astoria. So if you are planning on living near school you might be able to find good deals.

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    Not related the the ACNP track but the FNP part of your question. I am accepted in Women's Health, but have the same sense of thinking I will be limited in this specialty since I can't see men or children. I was considering the FNP track as a possibility after seeing how the ETP year goes.

    However, I was in touch with a recent grad from the FNP program and she hated it. Her main complaint was she thought that particular program was very unorganized, and she learned more through work as an RN and textbooks than from faculty members... The information was unsolicited as I was contacting her about housing. Definitely not what I wanted to hear. I know some people had really positive things to say about the program director for FNP after visiting day (I was with the WHNP group so missed it).

    I'd love to hear from other current or recent grads about the FNP program as well...

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    Got my letter in NYC, and I am on the waitlist (for WHNP/ANP). I'll probably think about things for a few weeks. The letter says they take people off up to mid-summer, and Columbia starts June 1st! So at some point I am just going to have to make up my mind!

    Congrats to everyone who gets in!

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    Boo! I am in New York City, and I really thought I'd get a letter today. Just checked, and while today's mail had arrived, there is no letter from Yale! I am going crazy!

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    psych7: At the Yale interview day the Financial Aid woman said they will change your status to Graduate from Undergraduate because they understand you are putting in information for more than one school. Actually, she said said specifically that even though Yale doesn't grant a BSN so it isn't undergraduate, some schools you are applying to are undergraduate, so put undergraduate in and Yale can change it on their end. I wouldn't worry too much about the FASFA form, as long as your tax info, etc are up-to-date Yale should be able to present you with a package. I think Columbia prefers that you put in undergraduate though.

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    Hey! I just got my letter today. I was accepted into the WHNP/ANP specialty. I was also accepted at Columbia and am waiting to hear from Yale. I have no idea were I would go at this point! Definitely need to do some thinking over the next week!

    Question: Does anyone know off hand if Vanderbilt will accept Nutrition as an online course?

    Congrats to everyone who got in! And good luck to those still waiting!

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    Hello everyone!

    I have an interview on the 28th for Women's Health. I am in NYC and was thinking about maybe renting a car and driving up if there is anyone from the city looking to go up that day a well. I know Metro North is pretty easy, but since I wasn't planning on staying overnight I thought a car might be easier than getting to Grand Central at 6:00 am and then walking to the nursing school from the station in New Haven.

    I walked from the station when I went up to visit the school last spring. My friend in the program told me that in the middle of the day walking from the station would be safe. But in the morning, wearing a nice suit, and with January temps that seems way less appealing so the car rental idea just popped in my head. Thought I'd check if anyone else was interested in sharing the cost of a car to get up there?

    Also, I am very curious to hear about past interview experiences if anyone has heard anything. From what I have heard, sounds like everyone has very subjective experiences, but any info is helpful!

    So exciting/nerve-wracking!