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  • May 7

    I just passed Tuesday for the first time!! Same amount of experience as you! Went to a review class by Mark Boswell in January and also watched Jeff Solheim's review on MedEd (which is where you will find his AWESOME series).

    I bought the NEW lippincott q&a book and do not recommend it. As far as practice questions I recommend only the ENA ones. And I did ALL of them over 4 months.

    And as a final assessment I strongly recommend the official BCEN CEN practice exam, bc I made the EXACT same score on it as I did on the real thing.

    Good luck, everybody!! It's very doable!! Can't wait for my little badge thingy, which I hope they will send!?! :-)

  • Sep 13 '17

    Please don't lose any sleep about what I chart or don't chart. ;-) My point was, if a medication helps your pain, it can't be a 10 anymore, considering 10 is the maximum.