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    Grrr...this just seems so ridiculous to me! Especially in today's world where every penny is watched. Do we really need to spend money paying call pay for pre-op??? The hospital I work at is a teaching hospital so there is always an anethesia resident to do anything that requires much experience. Basically someone has to just do the obvious stuff: check ID band, consent, allergies, site marking, etc. Nothing complicated. Really it is about sitting with the patient until they are taken into the OR. There must be some standards or usual practice out there to refer to?!

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    Hi, I am a PACU nurse and work primarily evening and weekends. During the weekdays all pre op patients go to the preop dept to get ready for surgery. On off hours pts come to PACU since that dept is closed. We have been doing more and more surgeries on off hours and it has become a big issue between the OR and PACU as to which dept is responsible for preoping the pts. I'm wondering how this is handled in other hospitals??? Thank you!