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  • Mar 7 '15

    Quote from featherzRN
    Any luck? My MBA papers passed - they are pretty quick, took about one day. Want to see you change that ASN to BSN!
    UPDATE: the portfolio assignment was graded about 20 minutes ago. It meets requirements; therefore, I am now TheCommuter, BSN, RN!

    Now it is time to move on to graduate school. My top three choices are Lamar University, ENMU, and Amberton U due to the low tuition.

  • Mar 7 '15

    yassss! go girl!

    Your def my favorite person on here, i find you amazing in so many ways!

  • Mar 7 '15

    I've got two submissions in taskstream now for the MBA so I join you in taskstream stalking. Good luck and congrats!

  • Mar 7 '15

    Quote from CKPM2RN
    I haven't yet received my ADN but plan to continue to BSN. Which school are you using?
    I am currently enrolled in the RN-to-BSN completion program at Western Governors University, which is the reason I am posting this thread in the Western Governors University forum. I have one remaining credit to earn, then I will have completed all the requirements necessary to earn the BSN degree.

  • Mar 7 '15

    As mentioned in the thread's title, I fulfilled the remaining requirements for my BSN degree from WGU this afternoon. My journey took a little more than 10 months from start to finish, required the completion of 34 credits, and cost approximately $5,800 due to a prorated second term.

    Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

  • Mar 2 '15

    I submitted the remaining requirement for my degree program, the professional portfolio, approximately 15 minutes ago. It is worth one credit. If it passes muster, I'll be the holder of a BSN degree.

    By the way, my submission is number 195 in the queue on TaskStream, so my portfolio will not be graded until several days from now.

  • Feb 24 '15

    Quote from Sheryl18
    "Meets Requirements" so glad we both passed this one today, on to the next!
    Yes! Congratulations to you! Now it is time for the portfolio!

  • Feb 22 '15

    UPDATE: the nearly four-day wait for grading was worth it because my community health field narrative passed on the first submission. Yes! The assignment was graded about 30 minutes ago.

    Now it's time to move on to the portfolio.

  • Feb 21 '15

    Quote from Sheryl18
    I am waiting for C229 to be graded and it's going down super slow.
    Same here. I submitted C229 on the 18th. It's the 21st, almost 72 hours later. I have never waited this long for anything to be graded by TaskStream. By the way, my assignment was number 32 in the queue when I checked about an hour ago.
    Quote from Sheryl18
    Then I have Leadership and Portfolio and I am done, can't wait!!

  • Feb 21 '15

    Thanks Sheryl18 for the encouragement!

  • Nov 12 '14
  • Nov 1 '14

    Hi I am an RN starting in Dec 2014 for the WGU BSN program anyone else starting?? I have 40 credits I have to complete and hoping to do so in one year if this is possible! Wanted to start this thread for DEC students or any students thank you!

  • Nov 1 '14

    This is the first time in 3+ years of being at WGU, that I actually had a course mentor email me to check on how I was doing! Completely on her own. How nice! She was probably thinking "What the hell, this chick has been working on this class for FIVE MONTHS! I better make sure she's still alive!"

    This is also the first time in my MSN program that I've had a task returned to me, so maybe that's what prompted the email!

    When I'm done with this class (just have some minor revisions on my last task, which I will resubmit tomorrow), all I will have left to do are my capstone classes! Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Mar 21 '14

    Just had my intake interview and I dont have to take Bio Chemistry or Statistics because I have a BSN already! I was so nervous about that! Now all I have to do is focus on my 38 hr of Core classes for the MSN education. I am doing the happy dance and praying that everything goes well with financial aid and getting everything paid as I geared up for May 1st start date!

  • Mar 21 '14

    I am still in the waiting game. There has been a glitch in getting my CLEP scores sent that I had to straighten out, now it is going to be another "10-15" days after I have already waited since the 1st. I would tell CLEP to forget it because I only took 2 but one of them was Analyzing and Interpreting Literature and I am hoping to get credit for it. My enrollment adviser said all transcripts must be in before he can get final approval. They have my financial aid info and I have completed the entrance counseling. I am really so ready to get started ASAP. I am excited.