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  • Aug 18 '16

    Quote from catplay
    How is the pay, does it pay well? Is there a pay difference between the RN and the LPN or all are paid the same?
    Pay usually depends on the facility and your experience (how many years you have been a nurse). I started out at an ALF as an LPN and when I became an RN I got about $2 more an hour, not a huge difference. I am working at an inpatient psychiatric hospital now and I make way less than I had started as an LPN at the ALF. I took it to get the psych experience though while I am going to school to get my BSN. Good luck!!

  • Jan 28 '16

    I used a real BP cuff, stethoscope, penlight & thermometer. For the otoscope and other tools, I just explained that I didn't have one but how I would use it if I had one. I taped some lists on the wall out of view of the camera just in case I forgot what to do next. My video was 26 minutes and in the beginning both my patient (sister) and me were giggling, but we got it under control quickly and it went fine. Good luck!!