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    You are most welcome. Hope it all works out for you.

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    Go to and scroll down the find a school. Under Approved Education & Job Training Programs click on Search for approved Education & Job Training Programs. Use the search engine to find an approved school. Kaplan is on there. Hope this helps.

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    my husband has been in for almost 5yrs. wow, thats expensive. when do u start and what are the hours you will be in class? any idea how long the rn program is? thanks for your help

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    Quote from liberty_bell
    hi there. i have not started yet. my lpn class starts in feb and is one full year. the biggest gripe i hear about this school is the price!!! it's very high and if i were not a vet & military spouse we could not afford it. are you a vet or military spouse?

    im a military spouse. ive already used 3,000 of the 6,000 we get for school. it was for an online medical transcription class. i hate it and cant remember anything because you dont use any of the info til the end. im the type of person if im not using it while im learning it then ill forget it. i havent finished the course and dont want to. can i apply to get the other 3,000 even though i havent finished this medical transcription course? exactly how much are you paying at kaplan and how much are the books? do you know if the lvn course is a year also? i requested info from kaplan and im waiting for someone to contact me.

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    Im thinking of going to kaplan in vista also. How do you like it? Anything i should know about the school? Im not really sure if i should go there or go somewhere else.