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  • Aug 3 '10

    I have just completed my first clinical semester in the spring at Delaware Technical and Community College. They have 3 sections for each nursing class. A day time clinical (6:30 - 1ish) with in-person lectures, day time clinical with lecture DVDs that must be picked up from the college, and evening clinical (around 2:30-8ish i believe) with DVD lectures. However even if you are DVD lecture you must still attend labs, seminars, tests and must spend mandatory lab time inside of the nursing lab. You will normally have one of these a week. It may help you to have DVD lectures, but you will still be spending the majority of your learning experience in-person.

  • Aug 3 '10

    Im not in the program yet but this is the list my school gave me with estimated costs

    Shoes $60
    Lab Coat $40
    2 Uniforms $100
    2 Nursing Program Patches (for uniforms) $5
    Stethescope $30
    Pocket organizer $6
    Penlight $8
    Hemostat $5
    Watch w/second hand $40
    Tuition $6,480
    Books $$1,800
    Liability Insurance $380
    Packets (didnt specify so Im not sure) $270
    Preclinical screening $30
    Nurse pacs $100
    Application for Licensure $85
    NCLEX exam fee $200
    Diploma fee $20
    Background check $17
    Cap and gown rental for graduation $30
    Group composite picture $20
    Nursing pin $45
    Temporary permit $50
    Student nurse association dues $40

    That totals to right at $10K, Im sure some of those are optional and those prices are just estimates from my school.

  • Jan 26 '10

    Hi Everyone,
    I was told once my Chem grade was turned in...I could possibly get my acceptance letter. So I am expecting it anytime ( I think this is unrealistic but I have never been able to wait on anything). As a child I could never wait until Christmas morning to open what Santa left for me under the tree, so now you can feel my impatience. I wish you all good luck....If anyone figures out how to gain patience please pass on that info to me...
    Good Luck everyone!

  • Jan 26 '10

    Oh boy - do I ever feel your pain!! I submitted my application in September and was supposed to find out in February. But then, I got an email saying there have been so many applicants that we won't find out until mid to late March, ugh. This application period is for a June or January 2010 start. So, if things don't work out this time I will apply again for Summer 2010, longer than I really wanted to wait.

    I don't have all my pre-reqs done, but they said that is OK. But, the fear is flowing that maybe I have too many to do (5) and they won't like it. Admission for me is based on GPA and essay alone. I have a good GPA, but worry my essay is flawed. Ugh, I just HATE this wait! At least I have classes starting next week to distract me from the deadline - so there is a bright spot! lol

    Good luck to you - keep us posted when you get that letter!!