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    I am looking at applying to home health agencies in Colorado. Anyone have experience with Bayada, or other agencies? What can I expect? Will I be able to get full-time hours? Do they provide health insurance to employees? At what rate? How is their pay?

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    Quote from reigen
    from colorado code of regulations

    7.3.1 staff shall be sufficient in number to provide prompt assistance to persons needing or potentially needing assistance, considering individual needs such as the risk of accidents, hazards, or other untoward events. staff shall provide such assistance.
    this part is so broad, it is disturbing. just enough care to avoid hurting the elderly. i guess it is okay if they sit in a puddle of urine, so long as it doesn't cause skin breakdown.

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    Just wondering.

    I don't live in the big O anymore, but remember my days in a nursing home owned by a certain annoying person with a stuttering problem (this, this, this, is your healthcare), that made me seriously wonder what the legal limits were.

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    Does Colorado have a pt/CNA ratio in nursing homes? What about for RN's/LPN's?

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    I have worked in the past on the Navajo and Apache reservations. In some ways, it was a bit of a culture shock, but still a good experience.

    Lately, I have felt the South Dakota reservations calling my name, which is predominantly Sioux from what I understand. Does anyone have any experience with the tribes in this area? What can I expect in terms of cultural differences?

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    I would really prefer a hospital job, but I will take what I can get.

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    I have applied for a number of full-time CNA positions in and around the Southwest Metro area, and haven't had any luck yet. I am working on-call at two different jobs at the moment, and still have less than 20 hours per week. I have bills to pay! Anyone know of a opening, and want to help me out?

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    Can you please tell me which agency this is? I am currently looking, and live in the Southern Metro Region of Denver. Any hints for who is hiring- facilities or agencies? PM me!

    Back to the topic at hand. I make $12.50-13.50 for assisted living in Denver, depending on the shift. I am getting very, very few hours. My last check was a whopping $40.00!

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    While in nursing school, I had three deaths in my family in a very short period of time. One of these was a suicide. The results were devastating, and I just could not put forth the amount of concentration required to succeed in nursing school. I completed an intro course, med surg, and a couple of weeks of mother-baby. After that experience, I feel that teaching is a better career for me. It is demanding in a completely different way, and it interests me more. An added bonus is a family-friendly schedule. I took a few months off to just gather myself, and am now looking for employment. My period of unemployment is nearly a year now.

    So now I am looking for CNA jobs, so that I can afford to go back to school in education. I would like to be a teacher's aid, but I need the living wage of about $10-11/hr that a job as a CNA provides to fund my education, which a teacher's aid job does not provide. I had two years of experience as a CNA prior to nursing school. Should I put on my CNA resume that I had a brief stint in nursing school? I learned a lot in med-surg, but I think putting it on my resume may highlight the fact that I did not meet a goal that I had set for myself.