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  • Apr 30

    Quote from BostonFNP
    There is nothing more upbeat and jovial than a code with your bros.

    Well maybe except for, you know, preventing the code.
    Afterwards, instead of cleaning up and restocking gloves, they probably kicked back with a few beers and watched a baseball game in the break room. Like MEN.

  • Apr 20

    I think some nurses see it as a chance to "catch" the off-going nurse having missed something. When I go into a room and see something was missed, I fix it. I've got 12 hours to do so. The IV is bad? We'll change it out. Some like to go in the room though, see the ID band has fallen off (pretty frequent with peds patients) and expect you to go and print off another one and put it on the patient before you leave. Does it take long? No. But really, how much easier would it be for the oncoming to just take it with them the next time they go in there?

    Basically, it's become a way for the lazy to find even more work to avoid doing. And for the self-righteous to find things to complain about.

  • Apr 20

    Everyone that wants to close visitation, will YOU leave your family member alone in the hospital?

    The answer isn't blanket rules forbidding visitation during whatever hours. It's allowing staff to kick out disruptive visitors. And management standing behind them when they do.

  • Apr 20

    Here's the thing about Grady, if you're going into the hospital as a patient that wants to be pampered, not the place to go.
    If you want to get better after whatever horrible trauma has befallen you, only place to go.

  • Apr 19

    I think nursel's been "wasting" some ETOH....

  • Apr 19

    Translation of the alarms for the ex-NICU baby down the hall: "I want to go to Jesus! Why won't you let me???"

  • Apr 19

    We need to send some nurses to New Zealand after they get off work. Can substitute fomite for marmite!!

  • Apr 19

    I wonder which is more dangerous: a scrub wearing nurse drinking in a bar after work or a scrub wearing nurse drinking in a bar before work....

  • Apr 19

    Just when I think I've met the craziest person in the world, I go back to work and realize, nope, there are people that are even crazier.

  • Apr 19

    It's in all caps in the thread title: NO JUDGMENTAL FOLKS ALLOWED
    If you want to JUDGE what someone else has said, GO TO ANOTHER THREAD PLEASE!

  • Apr 18

    We need to send some nurses to New Zealand after they get off work. Can substitute fomite for marmite!!

  • Apr 16

    Quote from RNsRWe
    Same reason as every other person who has ever passed on this ridiculous story. One of those things people who study human behavior have worked on for years!
    We get it. You're the smartest one on the thread. If people are going to persist believing it, and your first five posts didn't stop them, do you really think 5 more will?

  • Apr 9

    I'm sure if you asked our patients what was more important to them......the more educated nurse or the nurse who truly cares about them, the decision would be simple.
    I'm sure if you asked our patients what was more important to them, they'd only care about which one brought them their drugs the fastest.

  • Apr 8

    Jenni811, you said your mother is also a nurse. Are you honestly trying to tell us that in all the years your mother has been a nurse, she has learned NOTHING, gained no experience whatsoever, that makes her a better nurse than you? Nothing that makes her earn that higher paycheck?

  • Apr 4

    Quote from Gold_SJ
    Hey anyone had children with mouth herpes? Now those little ones are nightmares when it comes to giving oral meds.
    Ugh, HORRIBLE. Popsicles before and after help.
    It's the Kawasaki's kids that tend to be the worst for me. (Ok, PO Clindamycin is the devil's creation, but I can sympathize as it tastes bad.) WHY DO KIDS NOT LOVE BABY ASPIRIN???? I used to love the stuff! YUMMY!! I liked being sick back in the day because I would get to eat the yummy orange baby aspirins!
    But kids these days.... Crush it. Mix it in something. What is up with that???