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  • Mar 15

    I've hung blankets over windows to block the sun. And I'd think occasionally taping the eyes closed would be a good idea.

  • Mar 1

    Just make sure on PICC lines to try a dressing change before using the super expensive Cathflo. Sometimes there's just a tiny kink under the dressing that's the actual "clog." I've actually had orders for the Cathflo, and before using it, changed the dressing and was able to save myself a bunch of time and the hospital a bunch of money.

  • Feb 19

    If you're A&O before you get a bed alarm, it will take only about an hour after the bed alarm before you're no longer A&O. That loud alarm every single time you adjust your position? I'd prefer a broken hip to living with the alarm.

  • Feb 14

    I have to say that I think this is another area where "customer satisfaction" shouldn't be such a huge factor in evaluation. Educators are much like as a floor nurse, where often I have to tell people things they just do not want to hear, and do things they just do not want done. Sometimes I'm going to make people very unhapppy and very unsatisfied for their own good. Educators often have to do similar. Some of the nursing instructors that I just hated were the ones that looking back made me a much better nurse. I'd have probably given them a poor eval if I'd gotten one for them, and it would have been a shame since in the end, I actually learned more from them than from ones that I liked. School, much like the hospital, isn't a trip to the spa. It's not all about making one feel good. And it's time that schools, like hospitals, spend more time focusing on their purpose instead of "customer satisfaction."

  • Jan 27

    Quote from belle87RN
    You know for a fact that if anyone wanted to torture you for information, that all they need to do is stick you in a room with a beeping IV pump that you couldn't turn off.
    Just stick me in a room with an awake toddler on continuous pulse ox.

  • Jan 27

    Quote from brillohead
    Sorry about your sides! But you know what I'm talking about... sometimes "code brown" just isn't enough to describe the situation you're dealing with! This was one of those "flowing off the side of the bed like Niagara Falls" type of events!
    I remember this one time, we were building dams to keep from flowing off the sides. The things you don't learn in nursing school...

  • Jan 13

    Quote from thelema13
    He picked her up on discharge and demanded the medical directors name and number, screaming he wasnt going to pay the bill and that he was going to get us all fired.
    Bahaha! Like he was planning to pay the bill anyway....

  • Dec 31 '17

    Quote from Fiona59
    Just tell me vitals stable. I don't want to know every dose of insulin in the las 24 hors and what they had for snacks, especially if they are going home this morning.

    I do want to know who has crazy spouses.
    This is me. I can find everything in the chart. Tell me what's NOT in the chart. Who has crazy family and who will talk for hours on end so I need to go in with a get-away plan.

    And it would be nice if people would accept report the same way. It's one thing if you haven't looked in the chart. But if you've spent 45 minutes looking at your charts before you'll let me give your report and I just saw you looking at THAT MD PROGRESS NOTE, don't ask me what THAT MD PROGRESS NOTE said. You can read just as well as I can. And if you can't, why did you waste my time while you were trying to read? Either just let me read it to you, or buy yourself Hooked on Phonics.

  • Dec 18 '17

    Quote from thelema13
    He picked her up on discharge and demanded the medical directors name and number, screaming he wasnt going to pay the bill and that he was going to get us all fired.
    Bahaha! Like he was planning to pay the bill anyway....

  • Dec 15 '17

    Quote from brainkandy87
    I'm starting to think "Johnny1414" is really someone else from these forums that got drunk and thought it would be funny to say absurd things.
    LUV; don't play the stupid game! ER and ICU both work hard!

    If you want to make max money, get an MBA and become a hospital CEO.

  • Nov 27 '17

    Quote from NurseJeeper
    You record the ventilator alarm and set it as your text alert, just to watch your friends that are nurses reactions when not at work.
    That's pure evil there!

  • Nov 21 '17

    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose
    Especially if they're already anesthetized. Most people who are awake (in my experience) ask about the red band and what it's for.
    And not all facilities use a red band.

  • Nov 21 '17

    Quote from TakeTwoAspirin
    I'm sorry, but why would a JW patient consent to be type/crossed/screened if they knew they were going to refuse transfusion?
    It's not like the average patient knows this tube is going to be a CBC, that tube is a CMP, and THAT tube is a type and cross...

  • Nov 16 '17

    Quote from LilyBlue
    I have been a nurse for long enough now to know that for me personally, black and white are rare shades in the world of nursing.
    Absolutely. I've learned to absolutely NEVER say "never." It would be rare that I'd go for it, but I'm not going to say I never would because it seems there's been times that it has worked. I have to agree that if "pain is what the patient says it is" then relief is that as well. And if some normal saline or a sugar pill is working, then who am I to question it. And if it doesn't work, well, there's times that "real" drugs don't work either.

  • Nov 16 '17

    I love when they request another nurse. Someone else gets the distinct privilege of dealing with their crazy butt instead of me. Life becomes good again.