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  • Apr 25

    If you have a doctorate, call yourself doctor (don't care about the "confusion" thing, PhDs were "doctor" first, so if ther's confusion, physicians need to fix it.)
    But, if you just want to be called "doctor so-and-so" you can get that pretty quick off the internet. Often from the same places you can get ordained.
    Reverend Wooh

  • Apr 24

    They're important for SOME patients. It's like monitors and monitor fatigue. When they're frequently ordered on patients that don't need them, you become immune to them for the patients that do need them.

  • Apr 22

    Quote from thelema13
    He picked her up on discharge and demanded the medical directors name and number, screaming he wasnt going to pay the bill and that he was going to get us all fired.
    Bahaha! Like he was planning to pay the bill anyway....

  • Apr 16

    They don't want to hear the details. What do I do? "I torture children for a living!haha!" And move on. Even adult healthcare providers don't get it. They can find the dark humor in adult tragedy, but most will wince at what these kids go through.
    The details are what coworkers and allnurses are for.

  • Apr 15

    Quote from PMFB-RN
    Who even thinks of that?
    There's a peg for every hole....

  • Apr 14

    Doing peds, I would really appreciate if patients' parents/parents' significant others/people that parents just met in the lobby/etc. could find a form of stress relief other than having sex in patient rooms. And if they're going to do it, could they please stop hitting call lights while doing so. Especially the emergency lights that a staff member MUST GO IN THE ROOM TO TURN OFF.
    I really don't care who you have sex with. But I don't go to the bank/store/wherever and have sex in your workplace, please stop having sex in mine.

  • Mar 14

    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    I will never, ever give narcan, which eliminates the ability to control pain AT ALL for hours, to one of my dying patients. And thank a merciful providence I am no longer in a hospital setting. Press Gainey this.
    I love the use of P-G as an expletive. I find P-G a lot more offensive to my sensitive eyes/ears than the words the site will automatically asterisk out.

  • Mar 7

    Quote from aknottedyarn
    Some of you recall that your vitals may have some relationship with that thing called the Krebs Cycle. ... puts you in a position where the next thing yhou know there is a script for such events.
    I think it might actually be a bit awesome if we got a script that included the Krebs Cycle instead of the usual, "I have the time!!"

  • Mar 7

    Quote from applewhitern
    I have had doctors tell us to not give tylenol unless the temp is 103. But unfortunately, most patients want it if a temp is 99!
    Ugh, it doesn't help that our techs like to tell parents that their kid has a fever if their temp is 37.6...

  • Mar 6

    Quote from LadyFree28

    Never had to hold an able bodied penis, even with SCI pts, unless absolutely necessary...if you move your arms and fingers, assume the position!
    The requests ALWAYS end once you find a male staff member to answer their call bell for those requests. Suddenly IT'S A MIRACLE!!! THEY CAN USE THEIR HANDS AGAIN!!!

  • Mar 5

    Even better than 7 am Protonix (which EVERYONE seems to have to have these days) is the 7am insulins for breakfast. Breakfast rarely hits the floor before 9am, never before 8:30 am. We managed to get Humalog changed, but we still have to give regular insulin before we leave. Always fun when 3,4,5 patients all need it....

  • Feb 27

    Described how I try to be. And I base that on the nurses that I worked with in nursing school who kicked my butt and the nurse that mentored me (didn't precept, she hated doing that) as a new nurse. They weren't warm and fuzzy, which meant when they approved of what I did, then I absolutely KNEW that I was doing a good job.

  • Feb 26

    Used to use Meditech, I like Epic better for most things.
    Learn the first letters of things, learn to hit things with the ";" in between them. So for "Diminished; lower" I would type dim;low" and it's in. As was said above, don't double chart. If it's within defined limits, then you've already said their lungs are clear. If it's within defined limits, you've already said their pulses are 2+.
    Customize everywhere you can to make it work best for you. Use your "wrenches" to make everything work as close to how YOU think as possible. Sure, someone else has x,y,z on their screen, but I want w,y,z. They think x is important, I think x is silly and want w instead. So that's what I have. I've got everything set up as close to how my brain works as possible.
    Use the speedbar to your advantage. The flowsheets I use for everyone are there in the order I document on them. So it becomes habit to just click across as I chart. Then the ones I use most often are there next, like restraints, or PCA pumps, blood administration.
    After a while, it becomes second nature to go through everything in order, just like you did on paper or whatever you used before. You can also make a little checklist for yourself, things you have to do, on paper for yourself. That way you don't keep going back making sure you did things. I still use that, my brain sheet has a checklist of vital sign times, reassessment times, IV, I&Os that I can cross off when I've charted them so that I don't wonder at the end of the day if I did them. I've now gotten to where it's so systematic for me that I don't need the checklist anymore, but I still like to keep it as my security blanket.
    Good luck! I think once you get past the "everyone hates change" aspect of it, you'll learn to like it.

  • Feb 16

    Why are we looking for someone to punish? It's a med error and should be investigated, but the blame game just takes the focus off of looking into what can be done to prevent the error in the future.

  • Feb 10

    Quote from MN-Nurse
    They get there, wife is asks what brings her to the ER that evening?:

    "My husband is an idiot."
    That's EXACTLY what I'd say! LOVE HER!!!