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    Cost is a big factor. If you have just an RN staff of 900 that is a huge chunk of
    money. Now, if the facility is paying for it and not out of my pocket, fine.

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    Quote from lifelearningrn
    Have you thought of well baby nursery? Yeah, you'll still have stress and annoyances but drug seeking and combative is off the table!
    Not all the time! Especially in the Cleveland area where we have usually no less than 10-12 withdrawl kids spread out between NICU and the nursery. They may not drug seek too much from you but the majority are a handful.

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    All of the big hospitals here, including the Children's hospitals, are mostly 50% rotation with straight evenings or nights as an option. My hospital offers a minimal day rotation (25%) for people with 20-25 years in and no rotation after 25 as one of the seniority perks. Our day shifts are hard to come by, usually having to wait until someone retires, quits or transfers out, and then it goes by seniority or to an internal transfer.

    The other hospitals also require on call time per month.

    If if you want to specialize, it may not be a day position and even if you transfer you may have to work an off shift for a while.

    And even some of the "straight" day positions really aren't if there are still patients to be seen or longer office hours or unforeseen problems cropping up that push things back. Many of these areas may require on call also, such as OR, radiology, dialysis, cath lab etc.

    Just concentrate on getting thru school and see what happens. Having clinicals on off hours will kind of give you a taste of what it will be like.

    Good luck!

    And and to the people asking why they would get out on an off shift, make sure the wording in your contract doesn't say something along the lines of you may be rotated or placed on other shifts based on unit needs. That is the loophole many places have.

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    Have to do what you have to do, but I wouldn't tell my co-workers why I called off, especially if they work the same kind of rotations.

    We had one scheduler that would schedule you 7p-7a on Saturday and rotate you back to days on Monday 7a-7p. Talk about brutal.

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    We always have a vial in
    the narc fridge that pharmacy has diluted to 5mcg/ml. We
    never give straight. We push the amount into our med tubing if it is under the 0.3ml amount and out the flush of 1ml over 5 minutes. If it is a larger amount we put the med on the pump for 3-5 minutes and then a flush at the same rate for another 3-5 minutes.

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    My guess is you will have to pay. It isn't like you are being deployed.

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    Quote from mechai44
    I think it's important, too, to consider those patients who are AAOx3 but are impulsive whether from a concept of wanting to move their inpatient stay along by doing more, trying to do more because they feel better, or impulse control issues related to a disease state or other condition. I've had patients on the inpatient rehab unit where I work who are exactly that. They answer all of the questions perfectly throughout the entire shift but dink around when it comes to impulsivity. Good luck with this issue. I wonder if printing all of these responses out and taking it to HR would help at all?
    Don't print anything or take it anywhere!!! That will get you in hot water if they feel there is enough identifying info to figure out this is about your place of employment!!

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    Perfect example of why you should fill out an incident report or patient safety report every single time you don't have the needed equipment available and documenting what you said to the patient and what they replied to you.

    If if they want alarms on all these patients then they have to provide them. Enough incident reports of missing equipment will get noticed pretty fast by legal.

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    We place a patient safety report. And kids extubate, it happens. Unless they are completely snowed, and are not slobbering it can happen. Especially big kids who grab the tube as soon as you let their hands loose and those little ones where a 1/4in can make a big difference.

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    Well, in my world we would never give that amount, they are spun down. And platelets aren't ordered by the ml but by the unit. Blood on the other hand is ordered by the ml, usually 10-20ml per kilo.

    And and it isn't hung by gravity as usually an infant has in a smaller bore catheter and it most likely wouldn't go by gravity. And where I work all infusions for peds have to go on an infusion or med pump.

    So yes, there are many ways to skin a cat.

    And the person needs to look up stuff for homework and see how kind of wrong the question is and how we figured out it was homework. And the residents I work with look stuff up before they come to rounds, they don't expect someone to hand feed them.

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    If you already familiar with the system I would ask how long your orientation will be, what certifications they will provide for you, if you need a new health screening thru employee health ( at our hospital we have a different one than ther floors that is specific to maternal child), what type of ratios you can expect. Things along that line.

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    They way you worded it is what leads us to believe this is homework

    . What is the usual amount to be give? What do blood protocols tell you, how are platelets ordered? How big and old is the infant? What have you looked up?
    So...would you clarify?

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    Your pharmacy should have a source other than neofax. Usually if there is no information it is considered a no. We also use the peds drug handbook.

    And plain D10 is different than TPN as you know. The med may not jive with one of the components.

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    You are better off interviewing a nurse at a hospital. You don't know if someone on the Internet is a real nurse or a super googler wanna be hairy old man. Not that I am any of those, but I could be. You can email hospitals units or even call and see if you can do a Skype or phone interview.

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    I have a friend who is a dialysis nurse and her husband is a firefighter. They decided to travel when her husband's cancer went into remission. They had 3 kids, 2 in middle school and one in high school. They talked it over with the kids, they enrolled in online school, she signed with an agency and off they went. Her husband volunteers with the fire departments of where they go. They have been to Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Boston, California, Hawaii and Denver so far. They all love it. Two of the kids are now in online college and still love traveling. You just have to have a flexible family who don't mind being nomads!