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    Our CNS is our big developmental person, she works with our committee pretty closely and also with the medical staff.

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    It is truly a rock and a hard place. The meds can cause issues, untreated agitation and pain cause issues. Hopefully you can find the happy medium.

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    We have never had an issue with social services. Maybe because we are a large inner city county hospital and we utilize on call when we need to do so.

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    I don't understand why social services was not called. I can bet my butt that your legal department would be up someone's skirt about this. Even on weekends there are social workers. So what if this mom takes a turn for the worst? Sorry, but everyone involved has dropped the ball.

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    I work in the inner city and this happens a lot! We call the social worker on call to come and handle it. It's interesting how quickly they can find family to come once they have been told DCFS is going to be called. On our medical floors it happens when a grandparent takes I'll and they are the ones who are the kids guardian. That is sad

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    Did you google it? There are a few articles out there.

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    Our hospital just got rid of all our wood rockers and cribs due to when the finish becomes worn/scratched/dinged it be becomes more porous and it is
    then considered a carrier of "bio- burden".

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    Are you asking about acuity systems or just acuity in

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    You can't add a free hand goal, most of ours we adapted from
    our paper ones.

    You should be working with EPIC and the builders on this. We have templates we go into and pick which care plan set we want such as Newborn/Transition to Extrauterine Life. Then there are headers such as Neonatal Abstinence/Drug withdrawl, Nutrition, Breastfeeeding and then each had a goal such as Infant will not exhibit withdrawl symptoms and then interventions like medication management, etc. The builders should be looking at your stuff with you and helping you.

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    All of our hires have to pass the exam before they start orientation. If they don't pass the job is off the table.

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    Most places are hiring BSN only or preferred. All our big hospitals here that have NICUs are hiring BSN only.

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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    Board of Health forbids NICU readmit after D/C. Babies born out of hospital go into, and stay in, isolation for the duration.
    We don't isolate the ones born at home unless there is a reason, like born in the toilet

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    Most NICUs have a low turnover so jobs are hard to come by. And it really isn't just "working" with babies like in the nursery. Consider a shadow in a NICU if you have never been in one.

    Many do hire new grads and many have a residency program, but spots are limited. For every open position we have, we have at least 80-100 applicants. We may only have 2-3 open positions per year. Those are the odds. Med-surg is not necessary but work on postpartum/well baby nursery is a good way to gain experience to get a foot in the door.

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    Wear it! I won a Daisy too It is nice to be recognized! The previous poster is correct, we have had students and aides awarded where I work Our unit as a whole also was awarded for our care of NAS babies that a foster family wrote about

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    This is what I told my kids....nothing on the World Wide Web is private. You may think it is, but it's not. My one daughter is in a high profile marching band and they had to pretty much swear they would not post pictures with alcohol, mention alcohol or post anything that can reflect back to the university. Pictures with friends, places, cute photos, great, but sloppy drunk, bad clothing choices, etc, not so much.

    And if you say, call in, then someone posts a pic of you at a ballgame, party, etc and it gets back to management, they may fire you. Also many places of employment have a policy in social media as do many schools. Make sure you know it.

    So, make wise choices.